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  1. IGN: MattFo13141589 Age: 14 TekkitExperience: Played a lot of Tekkit Classic and Lite. Just started on this new tekkit. Did You Read the Rules?: Yep
  2. IGN: MattFo13141589 Age: 14 Tekkit Experience: Played a lot of Classic, and then played a lot of Tekkit Lite. Just started playing this one. Read the Rules: Yep!
  3. Ive been playing vanilla for too long and would like to play on tekkit with others. IGN: MattFo13141589
  4. Name: MattFo13141589 Age: 15 Do You Wish to Join Anyon (starting town)?: Sure, I like being a part of a community and not just a loner Have You Played IC2 or Buildcraft?: Yes, not on Tekkit though, but on a customized client. What is the Purpose of a Macerator?: It's an Industrialcraft Machine that crushes whatever you put in it (if it's powered) into varying things, such as Coal dust or Flint. Recomendations: Nope, just looking on the forums and saw this cool server! Other Things I Should Know: Nothing, really, although, when I start school, I will have less time to play Minecraft. :(
  5. IGN: MattFo13141589 Reason for Wanting to Become a Member: I want to make some cool builds and the only way to achieve this is if I have a plugin that protects my builds. Why We Should Accept You: I want to make cool machines to help everyone! (and to make some dough ;)
  6. Zeppelin Mod (whatever happened to it??) Aether Mod Better Than Wolves (I know it isn't compatible, but can't you try to make it compatible? Forestry Flan's Planes Train Mod Clay Soldiers Minecolony Millenaire PowerCraft (I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, just stating my thoughts)
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