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  1. Great Server, Love playing it with Friends! The Staffing team is growing and are really great!
  2. Hey All, Just decided to let you all know what Im going to be adding soon (As soon as I can get it to work) Feel free to comment below and tell me what I should prioritize! MinePvP - [50%] Endless Adventure Map - [50%] Quest World!- [5%] Re-add Quarries - [0%] Re-add SOME EE items (Not Condensers ) - [Needs thinking] Add more cool perks to donor ranks! - [Needs ideas] Make server video - [Needs help] Make new banner - [Needs help] Most of these new things will likely be being added soon or atleast getting underway, so stay tuned!
  3. UPDATE: Adding MinePvP as soon as we get custom world gen plugin worked out! Stay Tuned!!!!
  4. Vote Ranks Added!!!! Custom Plugin Support! Do /points to see current point count and /rank to see ranks / points needed!
  5. TechnoRealms - play.technorealms.net Tekkit Classic - 24/7 3.1.2 (Banner Coming Soon!) Rules Read Carefully These rules should be respect and followed by all, anyone found not doing so will be punished. Table of Contents General Rules Member Guidelines Grief Prevention Rules Faction Rules General Rules Have Fun! This is a game after all. No need to take small disagreements and throw a fit over them. Use Common Sense If you have doubts about doing something, it's probably not allowed.
  6. @keepcalm Know you're very busy with this but will there be a fix for permissions bug soon as its rather paramount to many people that this is ironed out! Thanks again
  7. Jay, there is not the place for staff applications. Do it here : http://www.technoverse.enjin.com/forums And don't repeat post.
  8. Hey, Just thought I'd let others know in case they didn't already but using the Jar/Linux version of Technic Launcher to play Voltz through works! Yay! I'm already playing and no crashes yet! Not really sure if this is known yet but here it is anyway! Enjoy! PS: Got it off CheapShot in the bugs section! Praise him! Mac OSX 10.8.2 - Macbook Pro Retina Java SE Runtime Version (java -version - Console check): 1.6.0_37 Hope this helps!
  9. This is the exact reason I've decided to bug test it as not only could we be the first bug-free server but also help the Technic team progress with their great work!
  10. Hey Everyone. Well as all of you know, Voltz has been released and I am the existing owner of two tekkit servers and was toying with the possibility of a third Voltz server. The problems with this for me is that I already struggle to find the time to manage both my servers but as they find their feet I don't have to spend 'so' long. The second is with these two servers although I have admins and staff, they are unable to help me with the server side of things so if I am able to concentrate on fixing and development then the whole process will be swifter and easier. As with even the
  11. Hi, I come to look for solutions to two problems my server faces. I am running Tekkit 3.1.2, and yes I have posted this on the Bukkit forums aswell but no reply has been apparent. 1. For a long time my chat has relied on EssentialsChat and when I remove this my chat reverts to vanilla-like chat with only OP's and different from any other player. I have installed various different plugins from iChat to HeroChat, none of which make any affect to chat. I have fiddled with many settings and followed countless tutorials. This problem has really started to cause issues now my server has Tow
  12. I see what you mean. I just don't need them and I've already disabled worldanchors via a 'NoItem' plugin, but its a long hard process disabling each item. I wish to just gain the knowledge of how to perform such actions as listed above, more notably how to modify the amount of blaze powder that is gained when macerating blaze rod and how to limit timers to going no faster than 2seconds per tick and other things similar to this. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I really need help learning how to disable certain mods in my tekkit server such as rail craft and wireless red stone as these will not benefit me and will only cause excess lag. I would also like help understanding how I would make it so block breakers cannot break cobblestone or timers cannot pulse any quicker than 2s. I'm sure these are some questions that come up very frequently and if anyone could answer or even link me to a page with the answer that would be amazing. BTW: I've tried deleting it from my mods folder - Leads to server not loading. Sorry for being a noob
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