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  1. ahh... thanks m8. I didn't knew the Placement Rules card existed. must have missed that update :-) now its working fine. I'm not yet at the point to automate the circuit fabricator. but if im at that point and can find it out, ill be back with updates.
  2. @ TonyVS can you tell me how you managed to automate the heavy duty plates tier 1 and 2? if I use supplier pipes to get the compressed metals into the compressor, it is mostly messing up the pattern. ie. bronze comes in the first row at the 2nd position instead of the third. Is there a trick to get things in the right pattern? Doing it directly via Applied Energisitcs with a crafting sheme doesn't work either.
  3. yes, afaik if it doesn't show up in nei, theres just a missing plugin info. but im definitely not a nei expert :-)
  4. its all in the wiki :-)
  5. ahh... ups. I got it now. I used the wrong slots for the dirt and saplings. Its working now :-) Thx!
  6. I tried them too. Without any success.
  7. Hello everyone, after a very long time im finally playing MC again. This time I'm using the Big Dig Pack. It's the latest Version the launcher gave me. But I have some serious problems with my farmland. The Farm just wont startup. If I add a Farm Controller to the existing Blocks and Power it with Redstone I receive the message: no farmland. I tried all the possible bricks and sandstone without any success in the 3rd and 4th upper level of the farm. Water and Power is supplied via the Tubes and according to YouTube this should work. Any Ideas? What am I doing wrong?
  8. ah... okay, but thanks for help anyway. ill try this from time to time again with different configs... maybe i can find the solution someday :-)
  9. hi nentify, sorry for the late response... been a little busy the last days. yes the cheat mode is activated as well. just for comparison. does your nei.cfg looks like this: #Main configuration of NEI. #Most of these options can be changed ingame. #Deleting any element will restore it to it's default value #Block/Item ID settings, configured via the options menu ingame. ID_dump { blockIDs=true dump_on_load=false itemIDs=false show_empty_blockIDs=false unused_blockIDs=true unused_itemIDs=false } KeyBinding { back=14 enchant=45 hide=24 next=209 prev=201 recipe=19 usage=22 } #Change these options if you have a different mod installed on the server that handles the commands differently, Eg. Bukkit Essentials command { #{0} = player, {1} = 1 for creative, 0 for survival creative=/gamemode {0} {1} #{0} = player, {1} = itemID, {2} = quantity, {3} = itemDamage give=/i {1}:{3} {2} #The vanilla server doesn't have a heal command, however others may #{0} = player heal=null #{0} = 1 for on, 0 for off rain=/toggledownfall #{0} = worldtime time=/time set {0} } options { enable=true enablemp=true hidden=false cheatmode=2 #For those who can't help themselves #Set this to a mode and you will be unable to change it ingame lockmode=-1 #list the actions that are considered 'utilities' rather than cheats #Choose from time, creative, rain, item, heal, delete, magnet, enchant utility_actions=delete, magnet layout_style=1 edge-align_buttons=false show_ids=1 realtimesearch=true searchinventories=false itemdrops=true } and the neiserver.cfg #NEI Server Permissions # Names are Comma (,) separated # ALL, OP and NONE are special names saved.creativeinv= saved.disable-dawn=false saved.disable-dusk=false saved.disable-midnight=false saved.disable-noon=false saved.disable-rain=false saved.magnet=, jokerretry #List of players who can use these blocks. #Anyone not listed here will not have these blocks appear in their item panel. #format is {itemID}:{itemDamage} #Eg. 12:5=CodeChicken, Friend1 BannedBlocks { 7:0=NONE } #List of players who can use these features. #Eg. time=CodeChicken, Friend1 permissions { creative=OP delete=OP enchant=OP heal=OP item=OP magnet=OP notify-item=CONSOLE, OP rain=OP save-state=OP time=OP } and the permissions.yml with the user group like: User: default: false prefix: '&f[&8User&f]&7' suffix: '&7' permissions: - modifyworld.* - authme.register - authme.login - authme.logout - authme.changepassword - authme.unregister - essentials.afk - - essentials.list - essentials.msg - essentials.rules - essentials.spawn - essentials.back - essentials.home - essentials.sethome - essentials.warp - essentials.warp.list - - - - - - iConomy.payment - iConomy.accounts.* - essentials.item - essentials.give.item-all maybe i just have a small little error somewhere that i cant see?
  10. ok tried it again this morning with my local server and client files. i removed myself from the ops.txt and added me to the user group in the permissions.yml to the user group perms i added essentials.item but NEI is still doing nothing or is opening the shaped crafting box if i left click the items. if im manually typing the /i 45 55 command everything is working fine. same results if im adding everything else from essentials.item to the permissions - essentials.item - essentials.itemspawn.item-all - essentials.itemspawn.item-[itemname] - essentials.itemspawn.item-[itemid] - essentials.give.item-all - essentials.give.item-[itemname] - essentials.give.item-[itemid] but the interesting part is that as a normal user, i cant even see the delete icon or magnet. shouldn't these icons always visible with NEI?
  11. okay just wanted to give u guys a feedback. yesterday i was able to run forestry on tekkit 3.1.2 ive used both files posted on the first page, deleted the forestry folder in the and .jar(client) and put the required files in the mod folder. to avoid the slot problem i gave the MILL the ID 4090 instead of 4095 and it works fine now. even without deleting any other tekkit mods :-) Thanks for the tips guys! i dont think that i would have been able to do that without that thread!
  12. nope. just tried it with my account. didnt work for me but the idea was very good. so i guess i have no other option then adding him to the ops... maybe NEI gets some permissions as well in the futute, even if its not a bukkit plugin
  13. yes essentials is running as well and thats a very good idea Nentify. I try this in a few hours and report back to you with the results. thanks!
  14. yes this would work... but if I OP that guy, how can I avoid that hes using all other privileges that come with OP? Even if hes a normal user, with OP he can build in all the protected Zones from Worldguard for example. that is something id like to avoid :-)