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  1. Hey, mater_togsa! This is Marc with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  2. Ingame Name: 4zncrafter Reason of joining: To find a really good server that dosent ban everything Experience: 1-2 years Age: 13 Favorite mod: EE
  3. IGN (In Game Name): 4zncrafter Age: 15 Why Horizon?: It's a hexxit server What is your goal on the server?: To conquer towers and defeat bosses
  4. IGN: 4zncrafter Age: 11 Timezone: Eastern Time How long have you been playing tekkit: about 3 months How often will you be on the server: sometimes when i got nothing to do Would you like to join the teamspeak(optional): No im good
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