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  1. filter/transposer/retriever, best to watch some youtube vids on it all imo
  2. It consumes 1 redstone dust per 10 secs for each mode you are in. Flying will take 1 redstone, and so will repulsion (if turned on). It will take power from a Klein Star if you have it in your inventory. If you have none of this, it will turn on and then turn off, and could be what is happening to you.
  3. I've done a load of testing with this a while back in my power plant. You need a 3x3 water supply (2x2 dries up), pump in corner, 4 redstone engines, gold waterproof transport pipe, to 3 combustion engines running on fuel. Anything else, even cobble waterproof pipes will cause it to eventually go bang. Ran it 24/7 in this config for months, and was producing ~5000eu/t converted through an energy generator. Only time I have seen redstone engines go like this on a pump is when there is no water below the pump. Other than that it is probably a chunk edge issue or some such.
  4. Found the cause of this after some work. Problem with redpower it seems. When time (stored in the level.dat) file gets too big (whatever value that may be, who only knows) the timer animation stutters. Even with vanilla minecraft it does the same, so seems to be non tekkit related. We have a work around by resetting the time to 1 for now using NBTedit. I do not really know if resetting time is going to mess a load of other stuff up, but it works for us at the mo.
  5. Title: Redpower timer animation stutter Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - 64bit Java Version: 7.0.50 - 64bit Description of Problem: Hi, I wonder if anyone has noticed this issue, as it is quite a strange one. 1) We used 3.1.2 tekkit, which uses the most recent RP amongst a bunch of other stuff. 2) After a while, we noticed that timers were not animating correctly. In that the pointers were glitching and not rotating smoothly. 3) We removed the entire construction from the world down to every last pipe and mini block, however placing down a timer into this now blank world would result in a non smooth pointer animation. 4) We moved 1000+ blocks away and put down a timer, same issue. To areas that had not been visited before, same issue. 5) We MCEdit'ed the construction into a fresh world with the same seed. The timers were all smooth again. 6) We played for another week or so, and now the timers have started doing it again. 7) We have tried the server install on another hardware platform, same problem 8) Have tried clients on win7/osx, same problem 9) Re-starting the server does not fix the issue 10) The server was set to use 10gig ram and 64bit java We had about 180 chests in our sorting facility, with about 36 redpower sorters. Pipes were colour coded on the back of all chests, and overflow from each chest would go either to the recycling plant or the overflow storage chests. I would estimate that there would be about 100 stacks of stuff rotating around the sorting system at all times. Due to the time taken to exhibit this issue, it is quite hard to replicate, and the only temporary fix was to mcedit the construction into a new world. Cheers. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  6. Nah, I was saying it conflicted before any changes were made. I guess the default for mill was changed between and the r2 fix for simcraft. *shrug* I was using using forestry- from maeyanie which is the same one as mcportcentral afiak. The conflict is before any changes are made, but is easy enough to sort out following all the above. I always try to get the most recent of everything working together :)
  7. ah cool, change mill to 4094 then both server and client I guess I just tried it Yuriy with a fresh tekkit server, and it complained with a 4095 conflict. Strange. hmm.
  8. client... 1) download forestry client for BC2 from mcportcentral 2) backup client 3) delete forestry folder from inside the ee2 zip file in .tekkitlauncher/tekkit/mods 4) put the forestry zip from 1) into .tekkitlauncher/tekkit/mods folder 5) run up client, should error after a while complaining about id conflict, close it 6) edit the base.conf file in .tekkitlauncher/tekkit/config/forestry, and change mill to the same ID as you set on the server (252 in your case), save it back out. Use word pad to do this. 7) Restart client and cross fingers :)
  9. 1) take backup of server 2) get winrar or winzip or whatever so you can open up the ee2 zip in the mods folder in the tekkit server directory 3) delete forestry folder from inside the ee2 zip (fixes the stump problem) 4) get down forestry r2 _SERVER_ from mcportcentral (http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5). It is the one at cloudfront. 5) Slap that forestry zip into your mods folder (tekkit server) 6) Start up tekkit server. Should error with at least one conflict. From memory this was the mill and dimensional anchor. 7) Close it all down after it has complained. Edit the base.conf file inside tekkitserver/config/forestry directory (use wordpad) 8) Change mill to be mill=<SOME ID> where <SOME ID> is an unused one from your list ... ie 252 9) Save the conf file back 10) Run up tekkit server. Should be fine other than some warnings which is normal. 11) Stop it, and restart, just to make sure. Ok that is the server side. I'll post up the client changes when you got that done. Edit: Ok, just did all that above from a fresh tekkit server download and it seemed ok. Edit2: Make sure you get the one for BC2, not BC3
  10. Bit difficult to do because I have removed/added a bunch of other mods. Best to have a read up on it and remember to back up everything if your world is important. heh.
  11. Dump your id's out before doing any changes, find a free one and use it on the server for the mill. Use the same one on the client. You can use NEI to dump out the id's to text file from the client.
  12. Server.... get it from mc port central, remove the forestry api folder from ee2 (to get rid of the stump error), fix the mill id conflict (conflicts with dimensional anchor from memory) Client.... remove the forestry api folder from ee2 and match the id changes from above Not sure there is a patch solution to this, have to do it by hand I think. Cheers. edit: have not tried including the nei plugin for forestry as yet on my client/server
  13. btw, Immibis has said it is fixed now but the new version will need to make its way into Tekkit.
  14. Our log file is like 30k, but we only have them in a single overworld (dont use mutiverses). Try renaming/moving the file to see if it complains. If not, set up a batch/script to delete the file every day or something?