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  1. Username: Eclipze Age: 19 Why Tekkitopia? Been looking for a serious and mature tekkitlite server for a long time. (cudos to whoever designed your logo aswell, I really like it.) Your secret code: 7Ecl
  2. Name: Sebastian Minecraft Username: Eclipze Age: 19 Preffered Tekkit Mod: IC2 Are you banned in any server(Y/N): No Looking for a great server and hope this is the one!
  3. Some work could probably be done on the representation of this server. No lag atleast =)
  4. Having the same problem, can't join server cause mods missing
  5. IGN - Eclipze Age - 19 Looking for a good tekkit server and would like to check this one out!
  6. Well, it's actually a paid hosting service (orbitblade.com) that im using. im guessing they run either windows or perhaps linux(?). not really sure. Should i try to contact them regarding this or is there any way to try to find out what's causing this?
  7. Hello. Im running a tekkit SMP server and it seems like we've run into a little problem with energylevels on ic2 tools and storage units. The issue is that when a player logs out, the tools in his inventory (like electric wrench, chainsaw, etc) resets their energylevels back to 0. from the looks of it, this does not happen if the item in question is in a chest. energystoring devices like MFSU's and MFE's also seems to reset when chunk is unloaded (like when a player logs out). I don't know if this is tekkit or plugin related. any help would be greatly appreciated! we run the following plugins Towny Worldguard Worldedit BOSeconomy nolagg worldborder essentials Signshop // Eclipze
  8. Well, Yes and no. since we're not using GP anymore i could not keep the map. so the server won't be hosting it anymore, but im putting it up for download for anybody who wants to play on it themselfs. here is the link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/58474627/world.rar
  9. Hello I experiencign a problem when im trying to configure Towny for my tekkit server. Im trying to add stuff with ID's like 250:1 or 250:2 and so on, the problem im having is when i add that to the config under protection.switch_ids i get an error that the server cannot load the file. I have tried entering them as 250:1 and 250.1 Any help would be greatly appreciated. / Eclipze
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