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  1. How can you be repeating the truth if you have contradicted yourself as I have proven above using quotes from you? Also it's worth saying I don't want to get unbanned. What I've been doing is exposing who this servers leader is. I don't think I could have done a better job tbh considering how you have acted in this thread, you even have someone unrelated who got banned for no reason (I have no proof of this but isn't it a coincidence that it happened). I think I have in a way proven my point and also got what I wanted looking at Adibs post. Showing your behaviour in this thread was much too easy tbh though. I really hope people read past the first post to see exactly how the server owner is and how he behaves, because you are immature and don't know what you're doing. If you are reading this, just play on another server. It's not worth the owner believe me, if you know how long Redmatter gear is to get you will understand.
  2. It's about halfway through so tl;dr below Evidence of point 4 This is on page 2 of this thread
  3. 1. You took our Redmatter and our condensers 2. Diamond. Hell look at page 1 from Sp0nge he even mentions diamond sword 3. Why /kill us or empty our invs at all? 4. You said earlier in the thread that was to show him what admin abuse was 5. No you didn't you were oblivious at the fact we could fly without a jetpack
  4. As much as I like the idea of the Legacy of Noz, all you have been doing in this thread is making yourself look like a complete moron, as a summary of what happened for those not in the know: 1. 3 People join a server 2. They play mainly aiming on EE (as new to server and wanted to get a cool setup running) 3. Eventually we reach Redmatter etc. and decide to go join in with the PvP which was going on at spawn (this was about the time you were using a plugin so you could be a dragon or a slime) 4. We needless to say stomp since we took better gear then what was needed 5. Someone of the guys (Who killed us earlier) fight with fists etc. 6. 1 guy rages and spam caps chat with profanity repeatedly 7. You think we have God mode cos you cant kill us and we're flying (Came at us with a diamond sword vs redmatter armour (lol) trying to kill us and we had swiftwolf rings so we could fly) 8. You clear our inventories in retaliation while spamming "Douchebag plugin activated" 9. We claim admin abuse and begin to argue so you spam /kill on Geo 10. We still bicker in chat with each other since you went and trashed our base 11. You unfairly ban 3 people to stop 1 guy from raging That's an accurate summary, anything you want to add to it? You clearly know very litte about tekkit my friend.
  5. How were we trolling? Everyone had a /home. And the spawn was protected, people kept fighting us for fun :)
  6. Okay, what items did we abuse? And PvP in the survival world where people can /home on death. I mean really c'mon now man think about this for 1 minute. Also out of curiosity how did we cause a world hole with a ring?
  7. To be honest 3 of us joined at once and once we got RM gear we decided some PvP would be a bit of fun considering we were allowed to, the owner freaked out and just banned us. Why allow PvP in the survival world and encourage it then? This was a farce
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