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  1. Have you been placing it close to spawn? Only Ops can break or place stuff in certain area around spawn, try moving to a different area and place stuff.
  2. Doesn't lower the bar because of the average.

  3. i used to play on a public server that, as part of a donations package or something, would give you access to a "/sneak" command, this would put the player in crouch mode but still move normally. The nameplate wasn't taken away completely but it was faded enough so you couldn't see it though walls anymore. I don't know what it was called but apparently it exists. It's probably worth mentioning that this was way back in beta 1.3 though.
  4. ExtrabiomesXL works with tekkit lite already, there are just a few id conflicts.
  5. I have been experiencing something like that, almost every new world i generate (random seeds), i spawn in the middle of a huge ocean.
  6. wikis are entirely community driven, the voltz wiki will be updated when people decide to start updating it. You can even contribute if you like.
  7. Because it has 60+ mods that you didn't need to manually install, change block id's, and troubleshoot any other crashes and glitches that might have come up?
  8. In application support there should be a folder named "techniclauncher", in there you will find the technic and tekkit (and tekkit lite) folders. Inside the tekkit folder there should be a texturepack folder, just drop the file in there and you should now be able to select it.
  9. Impossible. Adding redpower to the voltz modpack would cause your computer to explode. In fact, if you happen to press a key that makes up the word "redpower" while using the pack, your computer will start ejecting eggs from the floppy disc drive.
  10. I can help by giving you a peice of advice; learn how to use redpower. The tekkit wiki has pretty much all the info you need on pretty much all the mods in the pack. It will be much easier to learn what the machines actually do then it would be to copy and paste someones design from youtube when ever you want to build a new factory.
  11. have you tried removing the duck?
  12. What would be cool? I have read through this thread and i don't know what you are refering to when you say "It would be cool because...." Also, what's this word you keep using, "maige"? Google brings me to some kabalarian philosophy website and tells me it's a first name. Or are you just misspelling "mage"?
  13. after all the hub-ub with the mass effect 3 ending (i still don't know what it is, i assume it has something to do with the reapers), i'm glad i never got around to acctualy buying it. I absolutely loved the first game because of the progression system, it was slow, and when you upgraded your stats you didn't always see results right away. There is such a huge contrast between the beging of the game, where shepard is so weak that a few bullets would take him down, and the end of the game, where shepard attains godhood. There was an ability called immunity, that would reduce the damage you reci
  14. EE is widely regarded as being OP when included in the technic/tekkit modpack because of exploits like that one which generate free, fast and infinite EMC with little and eventualy no effort. I'm not gunna pretend to know what the devs are thinking, but i'm gunna go out on a limb and say that the reason that this (and other) exploit(s) have not been changed is because they are minor issues that can be reconfigued relatively easily by a player or a server OP. For the sake of argument, i'm going to say that gavjenks did put "uncreative" in quotes for a reason.
  15. try using the search bar, if there is a thread like the one you are looking for, the search bar will find it. Or alternatively, go to the mod website/mcf thread and find out for yourself.
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