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  1. I've been getting "Can't reach server" the entire day, is it just me or is the server down?
  2. As member of the staff, you are pulling this out of your ass, I didn't even join the server, if the owner isn't mature, the staff must not be either.
  3. I never lagged the server, and YOU started the things with ME, I was helping you with teaching you how to use the Merc. Eye and you started throwing a hissy fit.
  4. Could you please unban me? EDIT: And also is there a place where I can donate to the server?
  5. For one, no one is called "shoo boi", two, I can barely understand you, three let's break it down 1. Wasn't cocky 2. Not a Nazi symbol 3. I didn't attract attention 4. I didn't set off the bomb, and a mod didn't ask me 5. I'm not playing word games 6. Not trying to start any fights, if you would have payed attention the mod did, kiss-ass 7. Who the fuck brought up demoting? 8. Excuse me I don't understand you 9. It was random, along with everything else I've seen Hall do. You JUST joined and I'm a very popular player, and you're trying to become popular by kissing the mods ass, but you're kissing the wrong mods ass instead of donating. ---- Anyway, I had an extra $60 and I didn't know what to spend it on, but since the mods are so corrupted and the owner doesn't care, I'll just spend it on hats.
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