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  1. How did you limit them 3 per player? or did you just tell them to only use 3 and hope they listen? Yeah i understand that, but its also really hard on the server when people abuse things that other players use to assist them. Chunk loaders arn't necessary for quarries though, the quarries keep 4 chunks loaded around them(in tekkit lite at least)
  2. when you just dl the server file through technic it will come with the correct batch file
  3. Do you know if there are any mod crafting benches and such that bypass nocraft rules?
  4. that applies in any world. by no means am i allowing chunk loaders. that's just a recipe for disaster. If your not only to lazy to mine but also to impatient to allow a machine do all the work for you then minecraft prolly isn't the game for you XD
  5. The solve I'm going for right now is allowing turtles, maybe quarry's if i can figure out how to limit them, in a separate world from the building world. so its just a recourse world that can be reset.
  6. I run PermissionsEX on my server as well. haven't had any problems. but my server isn't public yet, just testing with small groups.
  7. There are lots of other items in the game. I said in the original post that i may allow 1 per player. haven't decided yet. They are just to destructive and abused. And have pre-generated worlds for them to visit? And i just dont know how to protect the server against Quarrys, still researching. For dimentional doors the ones that randomly generate are still active but you cannot craft them.
  8. I feel the same way, more planets or even more features on the moon would be awesome!
  9. Got a fresh banned items list, please say what you think: Quarry: Lag/grief Filler: Lag/Grief Turtle: Grief(Temp) ChunkLoader: Lag Mystcraft: Management/lag Dimensional Doors: Lag Rift Blade: Lag Dynamite: Lol Cannon: ^ Trade Boothtop: Experimenting with items showed that you can place them ANYWHERE reguardless of protections. Unstable rift door: Lag Working on getting it smaller or more protective! Also had an idea to somehow implement space stations to allow players to keep their stuff 100% safe as long as they don't allow strangers into their place to build. Let me know what you think?
  10. Bumping over and over will get you in trouble. a Win 7 batch file will work literally exactly the same as a win 8. Just locate your java and create a batch file correctly.
  11. My plan is to add [ComputerCraft] to the basic rank in my perm plugin and warn players that their turtles and such cannot edit inside theirs or anyone elses region, Haven't tested it yet though.
  12. I wont ban them on my new server since I've upgraded the cpu on my box since my last server but it did help the preformance a lot back then. I'm sure they are better on the server by now. Does anyone know the compatibility with pex on this version of tekkit? I can get the ranks working but i cannot for the life of me get the Prefixes to show up.
  13. I ended up banning bc pipes in my previous server. The reason you would ban them is cause on popular servers with a more eco or lower end server machine (such as mine) the bc pipes can be very intensive on your CPU, Thus creating mass amounts of tick lag.
  14. I've been looking around at other servers banned items/mods lists and i see that some even take out mystcraft, is that a reasonable thing to do? and chunk loaders would have to go i think, i would think about allowing 1 per player but i dont know yet. still very early planning stages