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  1. Hey I will play tekkit with you :)

    What's your Skype username and do you want to host the server or shall i

  2. Hey guys ! *Solved* Mods please delet ! Thanks.
  3. Hello, can anyone please tell me how to create a Tekkit Classic Server with hamachi, just for me and 2 friends ? Thanks !
  4. I would go with Classic, much easier, much simpler.
  5. Wait until the numbers reset and compare to actual numbers ...
  6. At the current moment I dont have really alote of time to spend playing, and wen I, its boring to play alone.
  7. They are bugged at the moment and corrently don't work, tesseracts are highly adviced.
  8. You can go in the config files if your that desperate ... And just make 8 big air tanks and have 4 of them refilling while using the other two.
  9. http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-classic Just check the mods tab and see for your self, also, tekkit classic is in 1.2.5
  10. Im using this in my lan world with my cousin, and he doesn't understand computercraft, so ya, no problem in that. If i do want to stop the loop, I just need to type this os.pullEvent = os.pullEventRaw at the start of the program, I did my research.
  11. If tekkit had ICBM, maybe we could use radar ...
  12. Has I said before, problem with modloader, I even reseted the Voltz and tried all versions
  13. Hmmm, really ? Strange.
  14. I would play, if I could actually get in ...