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  1. Disappointed by the lack of effort by the Technic team!  July has passed and.......   Nothing!?! As usual!  S M H well at least there is curse!


    1. Melfice


      Oh, look. Modpacks are starting to roll out.
      Ye of little faith.

  2. Love the pack! but i can't see underwater, tried to morph to a squid with no luck, also tried night vision potion again nothing is it just me or does someone know of this?
  3. try here http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,4193.msg25703.html#msg25703
  4. Read the forums this problem has been covered many, Many times! try reading!
  5. Nothing brightens my day/mood more reading these posts! keep up the good humor guys this is priceless! Thanx
  6. read . READ! the answer you are looking for is in there!
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