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  1. This mod is made to make you insanely OP with little to no effort. There is a basic progression line meaning to become damn near invincible you need to have been to all vanilla dimensions, plus the dimension added by the mod. I also recently added an ore-doubling mechanic which will work with the most common ores in mods; copper, tin, aluminium, nickel/ferrous, silver, lead, along with all vanilla ores. So why would you want this mod over other mods? Well the tools and armour! The tools are all able to break obsidian pretty damn quickly, which is something I have always hated (mining obsidian that is), but also due to the power you get in each dimension. Until you visit the nether you will mine Ultradian, which is a very basic material, but it can be used to make some pretty nice tools (damage like a diamond sword, but mines stuff almost instantly), but it also is used to make coal more efficient, and can make your apples fill your hunger and saturation bar. Once you visit the nether you can acquire Superium. This is your first step to getting invincibility. You need to mine this with Ultradian tools, to mine Superium Ore. Superium Armour isn't the best, but it is about 1.5x as good as Diamond Armour. But the tools are where the power starts to show, mainly the sword, but all tools have a much higher durability than Ultradian tools. After you have been to the end, killed a few withers, and gotten hold of a few blocks of diamond, you will be able to make a portal to the Deltarian. When you get there you will be able to mine Uberium, using Superium tools. This is your ultimate goal (right now). Uberium armour allows you to negate all damage from: Wither, magic (anything a potion deals - including potion of damage, poison), void (yes, this also means that you are safe from MOST armour piercing weapons, such as the rapier from Tinker's Construct), and fall damage from heights up to 100 blocks. However, you will still take damage from: Explosions, fire, attacks from an Uberium Blade, and falls from more than 100 blocks. But that's not all Uberium is good for. All tools have infinite durability, but the sword is the main player here. With 250 attack damage you will be kill anything with ease. There are other awesome items too, such as the God Sword, which you get by breaking a cake with a diamond sword... this amazing sword will place cake whenever you right click a block with it. With great power comes a lot of cake! Some items require an in-world crafting mechanic, for more information on how to use that visit: Enjoy Downloads can be found here:
  2. IGN: jordsta95 Age: 17 (probably 18 by the time I'm whitelisted... IF I'm whitelisted ) Why do you want to join: Because I like to play mods, but not on crowded servers, and using different mods to the norm Have you watched any Forgecraft videos: Very few, I like to be spoiler free about upcoming mods Have you been banned: No... unless banning myself as a test counts? If so why: As i said, testing out Essentials ban command on one of my own servers Additional info(Optional): I have owned plentiful servers, so I know what a server can and can't handle, and I won't push yours. I am a small YouTuber, so I could record/stream videos and do server spotlights. I am also available to help out, staff wise, if ever you needed it. Hope to be accepted -Jordan
  3. PIctures would be nice, but also when you add them can you add download links please?