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  1. Ok now can you restore my profile.
  2. Acutaly your right seeing the vidio again this mod is a piece of shit.
  3. Why it saves time and effort plus it would take ages for me to learn this, and the fans of this mod have waited so long I just don't want a good concept to die.
  4. Just bits of it like the weapons and may be the huey.
  5. Can you steal content from dead mods like this and combine it into your own mod?
  6. It says that my laptop can handle it so it must be their problem, I followed these instructions but some files seem to not load from their client.
  7. Sorry I panicked when I noticed that orical now owned it and the instructions are out of date.
  8. Thanks, is this a glitch that they know about right? Can you give me a link to the patch, if this is true then you sir have gave me new hope.
  9. I've loaded the java se jdk but after I tried to open it it closed within a fraction of a setting. How do I solve this?
  10. I download Java se jdk but I can't open it. When I try to it makes me download the program again and again. It's so fucking annoying, I can't mod now because they haven't bothered to actually put any effort into bug testing. Their support is shit, they talk a load of technical rubbish. I need some help from people that know how to get passed this brick wall.
  11. Administative level- 2 Me and my mate had a server for several mounths untill team paradox raided us and everyone were driven away by trolls and more paradox raders. Tekkit knowledge level- 5 Not that good at all at computercraft. But buildcraft and industrail are almost second nature. Railcraft and Redpower is still beyond my knowlage.
  12. Right, my brain has gone to mush.
  13. Should I create a thread/ source for this for future developments?
  14. Belgians would want mayonnaise introduced to go with the chips. (source a visit to Germany via Belgium.)
  15. Na, yanks will go for 'french fries' or 'freedom fries' as this redneck diner owner in Florida called them.