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  1. So it says I am not white listed even though I've been playing for over a week Anyone know what's going on? IGN: worjd Edit: Looks like the server might be down, so nevermind
  2. Age: 27 IGN (In Game Name) worjd Why Do you want to Play on this Server? Looking for somewhere to get into Tekkit again What Do you want to Build? Phenomenal Cosmic Power! (or maybe just nuclear power...)
  3. Username: worjd Age: 27 Why Tekkitopia? It seems like a nice, mature place to start playing tekkit again Your secret code: 5wor
  4. Same issue here, same OS, launcher version, java version
  5. Dylan, I entered the Nether earlier and my tekkit launcher crashed. Now when I try to enter the server I crash immediately. Can you tp me out of the nether or something while I am offline? Sounds like you may have to delete my player data :/
  6. Getting Connection Reset when trying to join?
  7. Minecraft IGN: worjd Age,Location: 25, MI How did you hear about us?: technicpack.net Previous Bans (include reason): none Have you read and agreed to our server rules?: yes Why should we accept you?: quite a bit of tekkit experience, just looking for people to play with Additional Notes: