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  1. I do not recommend this server for anyone seeking a challenge, as the admin allows his mods to teleport and pvp whoever they want. In the event that the server owner replies to my complaint here, be careful in trusting everything he says.
  2. How come I saw admins using /give? Also I saw admins and moderators killing new players that joined and saying rude things like "LOL NOOB GET PWND. YOU BETTER RUN" I will not be returning.
  3. For those of you very few people reading this, I've been having a blast on this server since it became open beta. Made some new friends here. I was banned by vdubmastertech. He had it in his head that I was hacking on my jetpack. There no hacks for tekkit because it is has anti-hack. That in itself is one of the biggest reasons I play tekkit in the first place. If you have used a jetpack there is this really annoying conflict with the server that, while mid-air, shoots you straight to the ground and take no fall damage. Essentially you could be at max map height, let go of the spacebar key, wait 1 second, then press the spacebar key again and you will experience what was happening many times to me. I'm assuming at some point the jetpack did the body slam and when I continued to run, it looked to vdub that I was still in the air or something I'm not really sure. I am, overall, upset about this decision and thought more of the owners. Some of the best admins I've come across, yet, in the short time playing, I was treated like a chump. I just wanted to add here that I didn't mention on vdubs website - This is officially the first time I have ever received a ban - even a temp ban got skipped over my years of minecraft.
  4. Enjoying the server so far, really like that there's no lag... killed it for me on a few servers out there, but not this server. Then again, could be just because the server is new.
  5. IGN: sabro Age: 22 Location (country): US - west Have you read and agree to the rules: yes Have you played Tekkit before?: yes Have you signed up on our forums/website?: no, going to test the waters, looking for a fun pvp server with the settings like yours. Maybe I'll sign up at a later date!
  6. Name: sabro Age: 22 What do you wish to accomplish?: Building and just having a good time. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?: Yes, back when it was in its first month of release of tekkit, and for many many ... many... hours. what is the purpose of a macerator?: Purpose of the macerator is to upgrade it into the rotary macerator so you can grind up those ores extremely fast. Recommendations(if you been invited): Others things i should know: I'm in US and just hoping there isn't any delay between breaking blocks.