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  1. 1: ign: failepic895 2: reason for joining i love tekkit with no removed items and this is the only server so far that ive seen without removed items 3:would i ever consider donating: i have donated to servers before and yes i would donate to thsi one if i could afford right now 4: have i posted at http://minestatus.net/50325-legittekkit : not yet but i will have by the time youve read this
  2. ign:failepic895 reason for joining:i havent found a good open server so i want to try and get on a whitelisted one because there is less greifing and trolls have i read the rules:yes i have tekkit experience:not alot but i know the basics of the major mods(ee,industrial craft etc etc)
  3. wtf i havent seen these before must of been from when my account was hacked(some dumbass at school hacked me) ok then i have been banned before apart from the s.nerd.nu one that was when i had just got minecraft and i thought greifing was cool i dont think that now
  4. ign: failepic895 have i ever been kicked /banned from a server: i have been kicked before but ive not been banned why do i like tekkit: it is a way for me to be as creative as i like and to build stuff that is impossible to make in vanilla minecraft what can i give the community:a friendly face that knows alot about tekkit and a person that can relate to alot of situations
  5. i would like to b member because this seems to be a good server ign: failepic895 age:13 suggestions for the server:abilitys to make your nameplate say what your proffession is eg:mage [name] i have seen this on lots of servers and i feel it adds a nice touch to them have i read the rules:yes i have and i agree fully
  6. username:failepic895 age:13 do you have skype: yes failepic895 timezone:gmt hours of online time: 2 to 3 hours a day what can i offer the server as moderator: knowladge and ability to handle different situations and compassion to the players i see two players fighting and i discover one has destroyed the others stuff. What do i do?: kick the greifer and help the victim of the greif fix his stuff
  7. name:failepic895 age:13 timezone:gmt do you have skype: yes failepic895 hours of your regular playtime: i play tekkit virtually every day for at least 1 hour a day a bit sad i know but i not got that many friends D= what i can give by being a moderator a knowledge of tekkit and an ability to show compassion and help people learn to play i have also seen so many bad mods on other servers so i know what the player wants i see two players arguing and discovered one has destroyed the others stuff what do i do :kick the person and either roll back the greif or help the greif victim repair the damage i even will go as far as to build him the stuff with resources that i mined
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