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  1. IGN: mrpresedent Location: USA Age: 13 Ban History: Non-existent Tekkit Exp: Have been playing tekkit since it came out, have been on numerous server. Goals: I look to help the community by creating massive utility and production buildings and just have fun playing on the server.
  2. on my laptop, i have installed the latest drivers yet the console keeps saying pixel format not accelerated and java problems. all software is up to date.
  3. how bout one that makes u able to set a home and ask to teleport to people?
  4. Title: Nuclear reactor and thermal monitor Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: latest Description of Problem: When shift clicking to place a thermal monitor on a reactor chamber, game crashes. tekkit version is 3.1.3 not 3.1.2 , ther was no option for that. Error Messages: Error Log:
  5. -IGN: mrpresedent -Age:12, but i promise i am mature and respectful -Tekkit Knowledge:medium-high, im good at maintaining companies -Do you have and use Skype?:no, but feel free to email me -General Minecraft Knowledge:large, ive playes for quite a while and know my stuff, well mostly. -How long have you played Tekkit and/or Minecraft?:not sure, id say almost a year, its felt like that -Have you ever been banned? if so, why?:never -Did you read the rules?: always -Do you understand that at anytime if you’ve made a server lagging project that we the staff have the right to tear it down to keep performance up?: yes, as long as i am notified of it, i could potentially fix it. -Tell us a bit about yourself, your plans once on the server, you builds, or somethingto let us get to know you.: i plan on creating a company to sell items and to extend our current facilities. -How awesome of a builder are you?: not really the MOST creative because i generally am good at mechanics, like making machines and maintaining. Still wish there was EE, im probably the best at that.
  6. i have been getting a message saying i need to update something called r19, how do i update it?
  7. i have been using the EU reader but is there another way that i can place something that will record the total EU not EU/t but the total EU sent through a cable and it has to be placable?
  8. in my server, i have numerous EU producers but i want to send that EU to people on the server but i want to measure the total output in EU so i can charge them industrial credits for it, how can i do this?
  9. i put an OV scanner in my miner but it just digs strait down. How can i fix this?
  10. i put an OV scanner in my miner but it just digs strait down. How can i fix this?
  11. I have a few tanks full of refined oil and was wondering what it can be used for besides powering combustion engines?
  12. How can I update tekkit pc to the newest version?
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