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  1. •In Game Name = YeOldeSchooler •Location = Canada •Age (18+ Only Please) 19 •Have you read and understood everything in this post? Yes I have •Experience with minecraft/tekkit? Minecraft for almost a year, tekkit for about a month. •Abit more about yourself as a person = Still not sure where I am going in life, I try to be friendly and am always willing to help anyone who needs it. Talk to me whenever!
  2. Minecraft name: YeOldeSchooler Age: 16 Experience: Month or so, still learning. Why you want to join: A small friendly server is exactly what I am looking for.
  3. 1. I am 16 years old 2. I have been playing tekkit for roughly a month. 3. I have never been banned 4. I plan on trying to improve my building ability. I enjoy mining. 5. My in-game name is: YeOldeSchooler 6. I should be able to play everyday, with a few exceptions.
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