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  1. in game name: bearclaw2606 do you have skype: yes my name is bearclaw2606 age:14 country/timezone:uk what do you like most about tekkit:ic2 and redpower have you been in any other servers? if so, why did you leave: i have been on a few have left because the community on the server wasnt very good what are you good at: ic2 and redpower what kind of builds do you make: science labs,bases,ships,castles how long have you been playing minecraft?: since 1.1 how often will you be on the server: as much as possible why do you want to join this server in particular?: i want to find a server with a nice community that doesnt get griefed all the time
  2. i found someone saying to delete the bin file to fix the problem and tekkit should bring the file back now all the tekkit items have gone but the bin file no longer has a dot infront of it (.bin) its bin can anyone pleassssse HELP !!!!
  3. hi guys im having problems with my tekkit and im wondering if anyone knows what it is or how to fix it. when i open tekkit launcher everything is fine but when i log onto tekkit the page where it says singleplayer,multyplayer,textures,options and quit game where it should say that there is just a white box with alot of coding in it i have no skill in coding so i have no idea what this mean. if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated :)