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  1. LO, thanks. I'd love to find a new server, but I dont think any others are prison servers, which is kinda my thing ATM. Thanks for the advice, ill see if he'll appeal it
  2. OK, I was on what may possibly be the only tekkit prison server and I was temp banned for "hacking"(I have no idea how to hack).When I logged back on later so I can ask what I did that looked like hacking and correct the misunderstanding we had my temp ban was now a perma ban with the reason being: "Failing to understand the epicness of MineBear shepard lawson t'son!" I need a translator, what did I do and how can I make the owner see sense?
  3. How can I appeal an injust misunderstanding of a ban? I rally like this server and I didnt do anything. I AM sorry for whatever I did. if I knew what it was I would gladly stop so I can keep playing. i LOVE prison servers and this seems to be the only Tekkit one. Please allow me to appeal this somehow. we could start a conversation and go over what happened and how and sort this all out.

  4. Ill be playing tommorow if anyone wants to explain to me what rule i broke/ what i did that looked like hacking, Ill gladly stop and try never to do it again. i honestly love prison servers and have no idea how to hack. The reason I come to these servers if because they deal strictly with hackers. I really want to play here, and/or recommend it to my friends even though they rarely tekkit. But I can't play with them if I'm banned. Again, I voice my deepest regrets fro any misunderstanding that happened and I'll try again later tonight and tommorow. Happy Holidays Everyone!
  5. I am so very confused. I was temp banned for 10 mins for possible hacking (sorry for whatever I may have done) 27 minutes ago. I did my time good sirs
  6. I want to apologizing if it looked like I was hacking, whatever I was doing, tell me and I'll stop doing it. Thanks! :D
  7. In Game Name: Jedm180 I'm not trying to reapply, I am just wondering where I can go to a request a ban removal, I didn't have a computer in August I was at a sleep-away camp. It may have been my brother, he likes to grief but won't but a minecraft account, I didn't know he discovered my tekkit accounts until later and and stopped him. Now I'm trying to repeal the bans he got. Help me out please?
  8. IGN: Jedm180 Reason for wanting to become a member?: Looking for a decent whitelisted server so I can build in peace. Decent at most of the mods, but I'm exceptionally well at using EE for building purposes, and I enjoy creating/selling power to other users, so I'm useful at providing constant energy to someone with the right amount of money;) Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?: Well ,of course, griefers and exploiters are the reason I'm looking for a whitelisted server
  9. In Game Name: Jedm180 - Age: 15 - What do you want to build on Copper Craft? I'm kinda a tekkit industry freak, Ill probably build myself a nice castle, using EE mainly for building materials(marble, etc.) And then set up shop selling charged batteries, energy crystals, lapppacks, lapatron, the works. This we be powered by solar, water, and possibly nuclear.(Nuclear will be deep underground if I make one) - Tekkit experience? - not necessary - Played on a few open servers, I have a single player, but that kinda beats the purpose of tekkit in my opinion. - Anything you wish to add? I'm just looking for a decent server that doesn't destroy the actually useful aspects of EE, just the op /broken ones.
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