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  1. i will help out on any server all you need to do is ask i like to work on large projects at the monment i am working on a jail base on the game scp containment breach map my email is [email protected] so just email me
  2. have ust tekkit before?: yes age:14 IGN:unkown998 IRL:jack skype name:unkown998 mic:yes technic 6 experience: i have used technic pack (i mean both technic and tekkit) since it had gotten made. And i have also used some of these mods before technic pack was made. And I am Australian
  3. Hi found how to make it work go to %appdata% the should be a file called .technic launcher and then in that there should be a jar file go in it and there you are.
  4. my one does not work it stops at checking launcher virsion and it won't work :-\
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