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  1. Go to this link and download the client. Server install is right next to it as well. Thank me later, and tell them the guys from Minecon sent you.
  2. "Tekkit 3.1.3 is still Minecraft 1.2.5! This version is basically finalizing our 1.2.5 builds so we can completely focus on the next version of Tekkit. There are a lot of awesome things stirring up for Tekkit and we are working full time on getting them to you." Are you kidding me? This is why I left Tekkit for Feed The Beast. The Tekkit guys are complete Tools, who really have no idea what is going on. Before you bash me for "omg you n00b", just because I have very few posts here does not mean that I am retarded. The next Version on Tekkit? Really? So when Minecraft 1.4.5 is out, you guys "might" be playing 1.3? Won't that be swell! Seriously folks, why do people even waste their time with some outdated, poorly upkept shit like Tekkit?
  3. If you do not know what a Firewall is...... That being said, did you try any of these ideas? (mainly the port-forwarding ones, that's where most people get stuck) Do you have a Static IP? If not, you won't be able to run a server. If for some reason we can't help, try to Google this: server another server running on port&rlz=1C1CHNY_enUS439US439&oq=minecraft server another server running on port&sugexp=chrome,mod=0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I really wish we could fix your problem =(
  4. Could you just turn up the timers a bit? I've noticed that in my factories that I didn't really NEED all the timers running at .05 seconds. This will also help with this question: Are you using Transposers or Filters to move items to/from chests? I have noticed that if I use a Filter and set it to pull out a stack of items instead of 1 at a time, that my lag was reduced significantly. If you don't mind waiting that extra minute, you won't have to deal with all the timers going off all the time. Are there any areas that you can eliminate a Timer all-together? Would it be alright to run some red alloy wire/redstone from a central timer? For instance, if you have 6 timers all set to .5 seconds, can you use 1 Timer, locate it centrally, and then run wires from it? I hope that helped a little bit, just my 2 cents.
  5. Well dang Jelato, thank you for stepping in and fixing my misconception =) I was definitely operating under the assumption that BC pipes were inherently "broken" somehow and caused massive lag moving items. Best to do my homework before suggesting fixes!
  6. The Tekkit Mods that come with the Tekkit pack, and the Server Plugins that require Permissions, are 2 separate things. I think you believe that these things (flying, teleporting) can be set from within Tekkit, but they really can't. You are just adding random commands to your permissions file and hoping they do something =p Go around and Google the things that you want done on your server, and then find the Plugins that make that happen. Any more questions, feel free to post about 'em.
  7. Are you dense, or just stupid? There ARE MANY FIXES for this one. If there are server owners that aren't fixing this, then they are just lazy or do not know how to code.
  8. Could you post a pastebin of your server log on startup? That would be REALLY helpful.
  9. Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL. Slide over to the Processes Tab. Stop anything that is Java*.exe, AND mysql*.* (the mySQL one is the one that people always miss). Restart Computer. Restart Server. Enjoy Tekkit.
  10. Every item in a BC pipe is treated as if it is on the ground, not in a pipe. Problem is, it is still in a pipe and the "/remove items" just won't move it. So that Blaze Rod Farm that people think is so incredibly awesome? Lags the piss outta every server it is on. That awesome sorting machine someone built using BC pipes? Should've used Redstone Tubes.
  11. go download MineralVein. You are Welcome =)
  12. Damn dude, thanks a million for finding this!
  13. Check out this addon, you can add Ores after you generate a world: MineralVein ( I use this to add the Ores in larger amounts after I generate a world, since I disabled EE on my server. You can run the /mineralvein apply command to ANY world that is already made. Here is a sample of the Tekkit ID's - block: 140-2 seed: 53834343 density: 0.5 thickness: 3 densityBonus: -0.6 heightAvg: 10 heightVar: 6 heightLength: 10 densLength: 40 exclusive: false Quick explanation: They do a much better job explaining this on the Bukkit page/in the readme file included with the download. block: GOLD_ORE # block, that represents this ore. Use name, block ID, or XX-YY for blockID and data seed: 35434 # used for random generator, pick random different number for each vein density: 0.3 # ore chance multiplicator, default 1 thickness: 4 # maximal vertical span from vein center, default 5 densityBonus: -0.5 # density modification. Random number is between -1 and 1, this is applied and result is ore spawn chance (negative is zero chance), default 0 # e.g. 0.0 will result in 50% of columns covered in ore, -0.5 25%, -0.9 5%, -1 0% heightAvg: 20 # average height this vein spawn at, default 32 heightVar: 20 # maximal random difference from heightAvg, default 20 heightRel: false # if true, result of heightAvg and heightVar calculation will be instead # treated as "relative" to maxHeight in that area (you should use floats for heightAvg/Car) # defaults to false heightLength: 80 # distance in blocks between height slope change, default 80 densLength: 80 # distance in blocks between density slope change, dafult 80 exclusive: false # if this ore is present, it will block out any other ores (in column), default false; biomes: [forest,swamp] # this vein will manifest in given biomes. default: all biomes # biomes are (not all used by world gen): RAINFOREST, SWAMPLAND, SEASONAL_FOREST, FOREST, SAVANNA, SHRUBLAND, TAIGA, DESERT, PLAINS, ICE_DESERT, TUNDRA, HELL, SKY, OCEAN, RIVER, EXTREME_HILLS;; mode: replace # "add" will cause all already placed ore to remain, and this vein only to add new ores. # any other value will cause the old ore to be removed exclude_biomes: [swampland] # same as biomes setting, this time sets the biomes that are specifically excluded for this vein. Takes precedence over "biomes"
  14. Fantastic, I always despised that. I'll be checking this server out this evening =)
  15. Is this a server that falls under the "if I don't Donate I will never see the light of day" kind of places? I really hate when the Donator 12 year old mods are running around with Gem armor owning people on other servers.