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  1. yeah i already know whats crashing the server and its me everytime i log in when theres 4-5 people online already i enter and it crashes might have figured out what the problem is i hit a building earlier which im guessing is gold shoveled and then the server died since then everytime i log on the server dies and im just free falling have a look lars
  2. Minecraft name:imafishgoat Age:25 Experience:quite abit but i want to give EE a big chance so im gonna do that and be a evil wizard Why you want to join:i want a stable server with nice people and this seems to fit the quota
  3. "I am very thankful for this post. This makes it easier to weed you out now instead of later. I was on the server till 3am EST. The other Admin was on at 7am this morning starting plugin updates, database purges, and general maintenance. Your statements are false though as we put alot of time and effort into it." weed me out??? thats nice iv been on your server for 2 days the first day there was no mobs spawning full stop and yesterday was possibly the worst day in minecraft iv ever had also telling people on here you were online sorting the lagg out is bullshit there was no mods and if you we
  4. in short piece of shit server the owner nor mods are never there to do anything meanwhile theres so much lagg if you die you have to wait 3 hours in spawn till the world loads anyone thinking about joining this server dont bother wasteing your time obviously no one cares about it
  5. hello atm all im doing is falling through the world sucks to be i carnt talk carnt teleport out of this bollox also chop a tree and have to restart client needs to be sorted
  6. IGN:imafishgoat AGE:25 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: yes admins went mental and griefed a ton of stuff and when i got angry they just banned me.... WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? tekkit brings something diffrent and although my single player has had a decent amount of success i would imagine it would be better with other people WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? me?
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