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  1. This has happened to me before, all of you just need to do these steps (This happens every time vanilla mc updates) what you have to do is download a clean minecraft 1.4.7 jar file, then you go to your .techniclauncher folder and place the jar file in the cache file. If it doesn't work for you I got no idea then Ultoryiana OUT, PEACE
  2. Why can't this server have default tekkit without the IC2 v1.97 or railcraft 5.3.3
  3. I made my home in a beaten dungeon tower, how do I keep mobs from spawning in it (the spawners are gone)
  4. I have this to and it makes me wanna throw my pc out the window.TO ADD ON when i reload tekkit its going at like 10 fps and any block i broke in that world i crashed in is replaced