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  1. Minecraft name? darkjedibrad What country do you live in? usa oregon Do you have Skype? same as IGN Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? no Age? old 41 Acceptance of server rules? accept
  2. IGN: darkjedibrad Age: old lol 41 Skype: same as IGN In game skills: about a 6 YouTube(if you have one): Why you feel you should be accepted: fun player and easy to get along with
  3. Age: (Prefer 18+) is 42 to young Ign:darkjedibrad Why do you want to join the server?: ther server i was on closed down this weekend looking to get on a new one to play hate single player Skype:same as IGN
  4. In-Game Name:darkjedibrad Age: old 42 Why do you want to play on this server: looking for an active server the one i was on closed this weekend What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): little of this little of that What DON’T you like to do: nothing Experience with modpack (1-10): i would say about 6 What is love: but a second hand emotion What's love got to do, got to do with it Who needs a heart When a heart can be broken Squirtle or Pikachu: squirtle
  5. IGN: darkjedibrad Age: old lol 42 Why do you want to join: looking to play on a server to lonely playing single player Strengths in Minecraft: a little of this a little of that How many years have you been playing MC: 2 How much will you be playing: about 2 to 3 hours a day or so Microphone: yep Will you be posting vids to Youtube: not yet Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jedi1701a
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