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  1. In game name: gyser6 Age: 14 How long I have played tekkit: Ever since the yogscast started making the videos, so about a year. Have I ever been banned: Yes, but I do not know why. Why I would like to work on this project: I think this server would be super cool, and I love the steampunk theme! Previous Building Experience: I built a factory in tekkit which processed ores and diamonds. I really want to be in this server, so please whitelist me! Thanks! -gyser6
  2. IGN: gyser6 Age: 18 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): Yes in fact I wuold for a while. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? : Not long really. what is the purpose of a macerator? Grinds an ore into 2 dust. Basically doubles ore output. Recommendations(if you been invited): No. Others things i should know: What is the server ip? It doesent say
  3. In game name: gyser6 Age:15 How long have I played tekkit: 4 months maybe? Have I ever been banned: Once because my little brother started cussing on the server... Why I would like to work on this project: I would LOVE to be admin and help build the server, I dont know everything about tekkit, BUT I am good at building houses, cities, and even factories! Previous building experience: Factories, houses,cities, and even a 64x128 hotel! (with 84 floors ;D) So yes I would love to help on this server and be admin if I can! Thanks!-gyser6
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