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  1. I have this same issue, and so does a friend. I have no anti-virus, and am using a dated version of firefox. He was using chrome, unknown anti-virus. Both on the same network, but Im fairly certain that it's not on our end, our filter sucks
  2. I was thinking charge one in an energetic infuser while using the other, and vice-versa. Unfortunately it's not really possible to fix it so that they recharge smoothly, without overwriting some important, and deep MC classes. TBH, I think that 400K is fine for me, and I've been hollowing out a mountain Takes like 30 seconds to charge, and then I'm good for a long time.
  3. The lag that I was refering to was my own. My world would only stay loaded for about 15 seconds, then crash. Protip: dont let mother spiders build up. I have no idea why you lag from the bows, I dont. I was just noting that I know it happens to others, to let the mod-maker know that this is not just one person.
  4. I know what's happening. Turn off the charging, before you mine. The tool in hand "changes" when it's durability (or RF) change, and b/c MC wanted to make sure that if you switch tools, the block damage doesn't carry, the block damage is being reset. Nothing to do with the mod. Just turn off the auto-charging, and it should work fine. If you want to not have down time, I would make two tools and charge one while the other is in use, and vice-versa.
  5. Only problem with mobs I've had is them hovering in the air, but that was in 1.0.9c. Not tested it on the new version.
  6. This is something I've seen on a friend's computer, though I haven't experienced myself. He had 100+ fps, held a bow, it went to 20, then he drew it, and they dropped to the low teens. after destroying the bow (it was a TC shortbow), his FPS want back to 100+. This was a while ago, and on a different modpack, though, so I doubt there's anything the modpack makers can do (It's probably something with the mod). Edit 5: Removed unnecessary text. The super-excessive lag was caused by a mother spider super-cell somewhere under the house. (I live in the tropics). If your sever is having frames i
  7. Coral, maybe try re-downloading the pack. Coral, see my latest post, it's a bug with MC cheat prevention and RF charging. Can anyone give me an estimation from old tekkit to updating a custom pack with 150+ mods, how likely am I to corrupt my world if I update? if it's just a blocks-cause-me-to-crash error, I can deal, I have MCEdit. I'm talking chunk corruption, stone-ladders-on-Archemides-deleating-all-trees-within-5-chunks corrupted (has happened to me. Trust me, dont put special render blocks on archemedies ships. Just don't). Edit: On a side note: just tested this. Microbloc
  8. Netherstars are actually pretty useful, as they add an extra modifyer. I generally can farm the wither before I even find a stronghold, so most, if not all of my tools use one. It gets better if you use Metallurgy 3, and integration.
  9. Odd bug, though admittedly, somewhat obvious in hindsight. I'll bet this works with several other multiblock structures (mod doors, beds, ect. possably sync??).
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