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  1. I have discovered that if you can find the proper name of the modpack & put it into the search box at the top of the modpack list if you are lucky it will bring up a bit in the launcher with the option to install & if you click install it will add it back into the launcher. However, the name used for the file in the technic launcher files and the name required are not always the same thing- files called businessserver, for example, require you to put Dragontech into that search box. The launcher cannot recognise any modpacks you have not specifically added into this new launcher that way and the website only has the old copy & past links that are now useless. All deleting the data and starting a fresh like you suggest does is you cannot play any of your saved worlds, go on any of the servers you have ever been on using the modpacks. The past is simply deleted and you get a new bunch of modpacks. It does not unlock any new modpack adding options or any ability to recognise previous files if copy and pasted back in or anything else. In other words it doesn't solve my problem. When I installed the new launcher I deleted the old launcher anyway. I couldn't simply update the old launcher.
  2. With this new launcher all your modpacks have to be re-installed- even if not actually re-downloaded you still need to find them and be able to select install. This it seems can only be done by knowing the title used and typing it in the search bar at the top of the modpacks list- you can't do it from the website as that just brings up a now useless link for the old copying & pasting link into add a modpack bit of the old launcher. So previous bookmarks of the page you get the modpack from are now useless. However, the name in the files and the name you need to put in that search box is not always he same thing (example: the files called businessserver you have to put Dragontech in that search box to get back use of that modpack). Here's some I can't find the proper names for (the search box names): a-new-age-enterprise youneedthismodpack yogscast-moonquest-164 modern-warfare-2014 (and its not Modern Warfare 2014 2 Battle) Can anyone help me identify these modpacks?
  3. Having been forced to install the new launcher because the older one refuses to work (it is stuck in a perpetual restart to install update loop) I discover I have now lost all the mod packs I had installed and even standard ones like Hexxit need re-installing. All data lost. Please help. Now the old launcher just brings up the same thing as the new launcher program does. The files are still there in the computer but there is no program that allows them to run. Modpack names in the files are no always the same as the name they have in the list so I'm not sure if I can track them all down & what if the pack is no longer listed? How do you add modpacks to it anyway. This update is has really messed things up. You have to start totally from scratch and it appears only a few already listed in the launcher modpacks are permitted to be used now.
  4. Hack Slash Mine won't load any more. Its worked fine previously but suddenly today it won't load for no obvious reason. I have tried re-set modpack but that made no difference. When I click play that bar which shows it going through the mods etc ready to load does its bit & then the technic launcher vanishes briefly & then re-appears and that is all that happens. No error messages. All other modpacks work fine. Its just Hack Slash Mine that doesn't.
  5. I just found Hack slash mine has suddenly stopped loading & resetting modpack did nothing.
  6. I've probably had it over a year. Just downloaded the new one. It is a different launcher. They should find a way to alert users to the existence of new versions of the launcher you have to download manually. Not everyone will be using the forum. Because I am on here only rarely (when there's a problem) I was totally unaware of the new launcher's existence. If I was under 13 I wouldn't be on here at all chances are- forums don't normally let them register.
  7. I wasn't aware there was a new one. Unfortunately the launcher doesn't tell you there's a new one just if there's updates to the current one.
  8. My launcher isn't coming up with needing an update but Hexxit isn't on the list of possible modpacks. How can I get Hexxit?
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