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  1. IGN: hotdog1997 Age: 15 Location (country): UK Have you read and agree to the rules: yep! Have you played Tekkit before?: certainly have! just finished FTB insanity legit! (same mods) Have you signed up on our forums/website?: just done it now
  2. I re-tested tekkit 3.1.2 on snow leopard and IT's working now so it's time to try technic! EDIT: Technic launcher works however it wants me to resolve block ID's for logistics pipes!
  3. I dunno, I saw a bug report for mountain lion so this might be a mac-wide thing!
  4. this is the same with every OS X - I think, has anyone tested this on mountain lion????
  5. Name: hotdog1997 Age: 15 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): yeah, ok Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? certainly have! what is the purpose of a macerator? I grinds ores and ingots into dust so they can be smelted into ingots essentially doubling your money! (uses 6 eu/t) Recommendations(if you been invited): kzl4znboii Others things i should know: erm....
  6. thanks dude! I appreciate the feedback! :D
  7. I will release an early build of the finished industrial craft section in the near future! And I will be taking ideas on how I can improve! NOTE This is only a query but if anyone with a good connection can host a server it would be awesome but if no-one wants to then thats fine!
  8. I'm guessing in around week (2 at most). However I will be releasing screenshots and If there are enough requests, I may release early versions of the map for testing and quality!
  9. So, I keep quite up to date with the map section and I have found that there are no up to date tutorial maps (don't quote me on that)! So, what would any man that knows people need to learn do? Well, I'll tell you, he would make a tutorial map!!! What this map will include: A main starting area 4 sections (one for each major mod) Some cool build ideas and a final area to test your divine Tekkit knowledge! In depth explanations for each mod and easy to follow directions on use! A hands on learning curve, not just 500 signs telling you what to do Work on this map has started and t
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