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  1. I've been on the server for a year now and ive had a great time from when mark was banned to the million times eypson helped me, I really wish that the server was still alive. The time I've spent on the server is a bit sick but I'm happy I did there's been many people I've met some good others not so much. Ever since we stopped using old tekkit I started dislike playing more and more. Ks has done this more than once and I cant blame him we all get bored eventually. But this time might be different I'm not totally sure.
  2. Hey tar i might be able to get on this friday to help you out got any planned times you will be on?
  3. Hello my peoples, Im back....again.... but just wondering if i could get off guest on the server.
  4. So i got bored and i was looking at the old posts for the server and i seen this.
  5. What i dont understand is how I was playing it earlier and than i crashed now i cant log on.
  6. So i have tryied setting it to the latest update and i have reset it but im getting an java error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x0000000000000000, pid=4104, tid=4968 And thats the error thing
  7. Is anyone else crashing the secound they join the Big Dig server I was on it then icrashed and i cant seem to geet back on.
  8. I know this is supposed to be a minecraft forum but anyone here play Garry's mod or team fortress 2
  9. Is it just me because i cant join the tekkit for the volts server it just shows them as down.
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