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  1. There isn't one anymore. Should read a couple pages back. We shut down in October due to a lot of things. Particularly the DMCA issued on Bukkit and its derivitives (MCPC/Cauldron) and the aquisition of Mojang by Microsoft. We decided that until a working server wrapper could be agreed on and implemented so our plugins (or some version there of) would still work, that it was best to shut down and wait. Along with that there was the aquisition by Microsoft that caused a stir amongst the modding community for awhile which made the future prospects of Modded MC a little shakey. I still keep a
  2. We're all still around mostly. You'll find Milz, Jerrk and I (and some others) in the mumble still, which will be moving to a new address soonish when Milz runs his network cables. While the conversations are mostly oriented around other games (TF2, World of tanks which Milz is entirely too infatuated with) we still have some funny discourse. I've been keeping tabs on the developments in the MC world still. Still don't know how things are going to turn out, a lot of modders are on the fence with MS's acquisition, and there's still no good server solution to replace Cauldron/MCPC but we'll
  3. Yo, Server's down. Here's the last world file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4pUiBYHfc6pRlEyWF9uYTlSRXM/edit?usp=sharing I'll see y'all around, I'll be in steam and Mumble like usual.. Have fun.
  4. Like I said before, unless the other staff have plans(and none of them have informed me they do), no.
  5. Well as it stands, the dedicated server is already canceled for next month. You're more then welcome to start up your server again with whatever pack you feel comfortable with to keep the resilience name alive. (Since we kinda appropriated it during the transition we have no claim on it lol). I personally cannot and will not be playing MC much anytime soon. I can't speak for Mil, Gar, Tar, Jerrk, Dragon (thats the full staff list currently), so their decisions are theirs. I just know that until we know for sure how both the Bukkit and Microsoft buyout crap is going to affect things, I can't pe
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/utb/ Unless one of the other staff decide to do something there probably wont be. We'll just close down gracefully and quietly.
  7. Hey everyone, It's with regret that I have to announce Resilience Freebuild will be closing its doors as of the 1st of October. Firstly let me say that my time with everyone has been great. Just under 2 years of awesome builds, great friends and great times. But everything has to come to an end and despite our massive efforts as a community, some perils cannot be overcome. With the disruption caused by the Bukkit DMCA, the acquisition of Mojang/Minecraft by Microsoft and the declining interest in Minecraft in general the staff has come to the decision to close our server for the fo
  8. Pretty much, regardless its not extremely terrible for us.. Just means we'll have to re address the plugins we use.. If Bukkit folds completely, MCPC/Cauldron will simply become a straight Forge server wrapper with optimizations, which will improve compatibility between mods and server plugins anyway. It may take longer and be rough initially but either way its a good thing.
  9. Hey guys. So, put simply the update is on hold. Right now there are some issues between various dev's, the closure of Bukkit and its ownership by Mojang, which has caused various bits of drama around Bukkit based server wrappers. While this doesn't affect mods or our pack per-say, it does affect our plugins. I'll be discussing the situation with the other staff on how we wish to proceed but as it stands now, to update, we'd have to forgo our Permission system, economy, logging system, utility command set and world edit. I'll keep you updated as we decide how we want to continue. Since this
  10. It requires a specific volume to be enclosed by Spatial Pylons, a large amount of power supplied by AE's Power Cells, A Spatial IO port, a storage drive and a button. Its also very finiky about the specific construction of the pylons. When the modpack was being tested on the Dev server way back it took upwards of a day to arrive at the proper configuration, and that's when we found that storing any tile entities, chunkloaders, entities, machines and the like cause massive lag and could potentially corrupt the world save file. Though it was rather funny when Flit accidentally stored me in one o
  11. Chunkloading will probably be limited to a 3x3 chunk area in the overworld where your base is located with the locations maintained in a list so I can come around and check this as needed. Spatial IO, which is part of Applied Energistics was disabled in this pack and will probably remain so since during initial testing it was very buggy. I havn't been able to do extensive testing on it in AE2 yet but due simply to how it works I don't see it being more then a gimmick with problems. So it will most likely be disabled in the update aswell. Essentially all it does is transfer a volume of spac
  12. Nothing new aside from the proposed transition to 1.7.10 above. Cast your vote. We've had 4 people for an update with the above limitations and none against so far.
  13. NEWS! Right, So as you all know i've been updating the pack to 1.7.10. I've waited over a month now for the last of the mods to update and honestly at this rate I don't see them updating anytime soon. As it stands some of the ones that aren't updating have replacements, others do not and since this will affect everyone since it will change our current modlist a bit I decided to put it up here for a vote. I'll list which mods still need to update, which ones can replace them and leave it up to you guys on how we proceed. Mods that still need to update: Mystcraft (replacement: none)
  14. I remember you. You should be all set now. Have fun. Side note: Yes we're still around, We're still waiting on a couple more mods to update to 1.7.10. But otherwise most of the work is completed on the updated pack. Honestly I think I've set a record for stability on the server.. 1 month 2 weeks up time w/o a restart needed. I'll keep you posted (more then I have recently) but if it takes much longer for these mods to update I may just replace them with substitutes and start the update process.. We'll see..
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