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  1. There isn't one anymore. Should read a couple pages back. We shut down in October due to a lot of things. Particularly the DMCA issued on Bukkit and its derivitives (MCPC/Cauldron) and the aquisition of Mojang by Microsoft. We decided that until a working server wrapper could be agreed on and implemented so our plugins (or some version there of) would still work, that it was best to shut down and wait. Along with that there was the aquisition by Microsoft that caused a stir amongst the modding community for awhile which made the future prospects of Modded MC a little shakey. I still keep an eye on things, the pack's files are all stored on my backup drives and I still muck about testing some of the new versions of mods when I'm bored. But for the most part Resilience Freebuild, despite the efforts of us all finally called it quits in October. Our Mumble server remains, and Milworks, Jerrk, Myself and a few others still hang out in there. In fact we have a Steam Group (although more general gaming/hangout then Minecraft related) where we'll post the new IP for the Mumble when Milz gets around to moving it. Aside from that I have most of you added on Steam (and if I don't just throw me a PM). Like I said before, we can rebuild at any point, just right now, between all of the above and the staff's increased workload its probably not the best time to do so since we cant devote the time and energy that it deserves.
  2. We're all still around mostly. You'll find Milz, Jerrk and I (and some others) in the mumble still, which will be moving to a new address soonish when Milz runs his network cables. While the conversations are mostly oriented around other games (TF2, World of tanks which Milz is entirely too infatuated with) we still have some funny discourse. I've been keeping tabs on the developments in the MC world still. Still don't know how things are going to turn out, a lot of modders are on the fence with MS's acquisition, and there's still no good server solution to replace Cauldron/MCPC but we'll see. I still have all our files and can potentially rebuild at any time.
  3. Yo, Server's down. Here's the last world file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4pUiBYHfc6pRlEyWF9uYTlSRXM/edit?usp=sharing I'll see y'all around, I'll be in steam and Mumble like usual.. Have fun.
  4. Like I said before, unless the other staff have plans(and none of them have informed me they do), no.
  5. Well as it stands, the dedicated server is already canceled for next month. You're more then welcome to start up your server again with whatever pack you feel comfortable with to keep the resilience name alive. (Since we kinda appropriated it during the transition we have no claim on it lol). I personally cannot and will not be playing MC much anytime soon. I can't speak for Mil, Gar, Tar, Jerrk, Dragon (thats the full staff list currently), so their decisions are theirs. I just know that until we know for sure how both the Bukkit and Microsoft buyout crap is going to affect things, I can't personally say that any server built/run now will last through whatever changes may come. If you need any of our files (server jar's, MySQL exports, world files or configuration settings) let me know and I'll dropbox them for you while I still have access to the FTP of the server. Otherwise, I appreciate the 11th hour attempt and wish you well. Till things chill with the drama though, this is where I part ways. Of course, I'm still in the Mumble, Jerrk, Milz Hobbs and I have Borderlands The Pre Sequel to make a lets play for. Be sure to check out Jerrk's Youtube channel after the 14th.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/utb/ Unless one of the other staff decide to do something there probably wont be. We'll just close down gracefully and quietly.
  7. Hey everyone, It's with regret that I have to announce Resilience Freebuild will be closing its doors as of the 1st of October. Firstly let me say that my time with everyone has been great. Just under 2 years of awesome builds, great friends and great times. But everything has to come to an end and despite our massive efforts as a community, some perils cannot be overcome. With the disruption caused by the Bukkit DMCA, the acquisition of Mojang/Minecraft by Microsoft and the declining interest in Minecraft in general the staff has come to the decision to close our server for the foreseeable future. I'd like to thank everyone who helped during our initial transition from Ks's old server, all those who helped me test the dev builds of the mod packs and all the people who took my suggestions to heart and helped maintain server stability. If, at some later date, both the will and interest arise to rebuild Resilience we will do so. Before that can happen though a comprehensive server solution will need to be born from what was Bukkit. Likewise we feel it best to wait and see how the acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft affects both the Modding community and Minecraft as a whole. This decision was not made lightly. Most of us were here when the first server died. All of the staff worked diligently to rebuild that community here and we are the last people that would want to see it end. But it's for the best. Of course, you all can contact me personally through steam, or PM here. I wish you all the best and hopefully, someday, we'll all mine once more under the blue and gray banner of RFB. The final world file of September 30th will be uploaded once the server goes down. The pack will remain downloadable from its current location. That's about it.
  8. Pretty much, regardless its not extremely terrible for us.. Just means we'll have to re address the plugins we use.. If Bukkit folds completely, MCPC/Cauldron will simply become a straight Forge server wrapper with optimizations, which will improve compatibility between mods and server plugins anyway. It may take longer and be rough initially but either way its a good thing.
  9. Hey guys. So, put simply the update is on hold. Right now there are some issues between various dev's, the closure of Bukkit and its ownership by Mojang, which has caused various bits of drama around Bukkit based server wrappers. While this doesn't affect mods or our pack per-say, it does affect our plugins. I'll be discussing the situation with the other staff on how we wish to proceed but as it stands now, to update, we'd have to forgo our Permission system, economy, logging system, utility command set and world edit. I'll keep you updated as we decide how we want to continue. Since this is a rather large change and upset, don't expect a solution quickly. Regardless, we will continue.
  10. It requires a specific volume to be enclosed by Spatial Pylons, a large amount of power supplied by AE's Power Cells, A Spatial IO port, a storage drive and a button. Its also very finiky about the specific construction of the pylons. When the modpack was being tested on the Dev server way back it took upwards of a day to arrive at the proper configuration, and that's when we found that storing any tile entities, chunkloaders, entities, machines and the like cause massive lag and could potentially corrupt the world save file. Though it was rather funny when Flit accidentally stored me in one of the storage drives....
  11. Chunkloading will probably be limited to a 3x3 chunk area in the overworld where your base is located with the locations maintained in a list so I can come around and check this as needed. Spatial IO, which is part of Applied Energistics was disabled in this pack and will probably remain so since during initial testing it was very buggy. I havn't been able to do extensive testing on it in AE2 yet but due simply to how it works I don't see it being more then a gimmick with problems. So it will most likely be disabled in the update aswell. Essentially all it does is transfer a volume of space into another dimension (aka its storage cell), the only use for that that I can percieve is dense storage for bases, but since a dimension is created with every teleport and chunklooaders do not like being teleported like that it will simply tax server resources without appreciable returns.
  12. Nothing new aside from the proposed transition to 1.7.10 above. Cast your vote. We've had 4 people for an update with the above limitations and none against so far.
  13. NEWS! Right, So as you all know i've been updating the pack to 1.7.10. I've waited over a month now for the last of the mods to update and honestly at this rate I don't see them updating anytime soon. As it stands some of the ones that aren't updating have replacements, others do not and since this will affect everyone since it will change our current modlist a bit I decided to put it up here for a vote. I'll list which mods still need to update, which ones can replace them and leave it up to you guys on how we proceed. Mods that still need to update: Mystcraft (replacement: none) ComputerCraft(replacement: OpenComputers) All OpenLib mods -OpenBlocks, OpenPeripherials, OpenSensors-(Replacement: none) ChickenChunks (replacement: Other mods that have updated that have chunkloaders) Wireless Redstone (replacement: None that I know of.) As you can see, We'll not have a mining age. Or link books, or a dedicated chunkloading age so constraints on chunkloading will be increased again to preserve server resources, if we move on with out it. OpenComputers is almost an exact clone of ComputerCraft, except for inbuilt power/resource requirements for computers and various other realisim changes to balancing. However it has inbuilt compatibility for both MFR and Project Red bundled cables, as well as the ever present LUA language, so aside from specific ComputerCraft API calls, all existing programs will still work with OC with minor edits. Along with what hasn't updated, there will be a few additions to our mod list once we update, either now, or later, these include: Thaumcraft NetherOres At this junction, we need to decide whether to remain in stasis, and wait until the above mods update, or whether we should go ahead and update, adding what updates as we go. As it stands I have a working pack on a local server and am currently working out the remaining issues with Cauldron so we can retain our Permission and Economy systems after the transition. It is however up to the userbase on whether they're willing to accept the increased constraints on Chunkloading and Tile Entities until Mystcraft or some other variant allows us to maintain our server resources in a better way. Let me know what you think.
  14. I remember you. You should be all set now. Have fun. Side note: Yes we're still around, We're still waiting on a couple more mods to update to 1.7.10. But otherwise most of the work is completed on the updated pack. Honestly I think I've set a record for stability on the server.. 1 month 2 weeks up time w/o a restart needed. I'll keep you posted (more then I have recently) but if it takes much longer for these mods to update I may just replace them with substitutes and start the update process.. We'll see..
  15. I refer you to my above post =P You should come into Mumble, it may be quiet sometimes. Or noisy when we're playing Tf2 or something but some of the conversations we have are pretty hilarious.
  16. MCEdit, while not having direct support for mod blocks (They're rendered as pink "future" blocks) will load and edit saves that include modded blocks. If the minions are entities (which they would have to be to move) you can easily use it to remove all entities from the region. Likewise if you do not know the region you can select the entire rendered world and do the same, although one of that scale will take a couple minutes to process. If its an issue with a block, all you need is the block ID and location (exact or general) then simply replace all "future" blocks with that ID in that area with air. There are too many mods to expect any third party editor to support all of them. So most stick to vanilla blocks and us Modpack admins learn to work around it. If you need more help, or info on how to delete entities from an area (or even how to find the area in the editor) just PM me and I'll help you out.
  17. Hey everyone, So, it's been awhile since I've posted anything and there have been a lot of, not complaints, but concerns voiced about the drop in activity on the server. I wanted to not only explain a few things but also give you an idea of why I personally have not been active. The servers population fluctuates a lot over time. Aside from the fact that depending on how you start and what you limit yourself to you could automate and essentially get to the point of creative building in survival with the proper combination of mods and thus lose interest, or I should say drive, to continue. This version of the server is by far the most stable we've had and there for, disregarding the initial Tekkit Classic server WAY back when, is currently the longest running map in our history (woo go me for stabilization). There's that, then there's the fact that a lot of us are spending this fine summer soaking up the sun before we must all travel back into our caves of despair for the winter. (AKA we're doing other things). Add in various work schedules, summer jobs and/or obligations and you have a recipe for lots of stuff to do and no time to do it. So that explains the reason no one has been on the server much. Now to show you why I personally have not. I've been busy: http://tinyurl.com/resilienceupdate As you can see from that spreadsheet, about 60% of our mods have 1.7.10 versions, with another 10% stuck in 1.7.2 and a remaining 30% still only in 1.6.4 versions. But alas its not as simple as looking for matching version numbers. In fact IronChests hasn't been physically updated since 1.4.7 but it still works just fine with 1.6.4. So some of the 1.7.2 mods will work with 1.7.10 and others wont. It just depends entirely on what they change. Its a slow process of testing each one against a clean Forge1.7.10 server and one with currently updated mods. Not to mention a lot of the mods them selves (even 1.7.10 versions) are bleeding edge releases so there's the hassle tracking down whether an issue is caused by that or the additional mod causing a conflict (or even worse, Cauldron-MCPC+). As you can imagine its a lot of work and when I want a break the last place I want to be is in another block world. So yeah, busy tub. And before anyone get's their unmentionables in a bunch, I'll answer now. NO the server is not being updated anytime soon. I can't give you a date but I can tell you, everyone will have ample (as in multiple weeks) advanced notice before anything changes. If you want an analogy consider what I'm doing right now planting the seeds for a redwood forest, Its gonna take a long time to sprout but once it does you'll know WAY before they grow to maturity. Anyway. No one posted here recently and It was looking desolate, so I figured I would post some info on how work is going (cause that always starts a conversation) and keep every one appraised of the situation. Have fun y'all. BTW, we broke a personal record yesterday of 20 days continuous up time without needing a server restart wooooooo. EDIT* I am a derp and forgot to set the spreadsheet to public viewing.
  18. Hope everyone who's celebrating has a happy and safe 4th of July. For everyone else I'll be exploding things in your honor. Have fun over the weekend everyone.
  19. I assume that it will increase production rates since from what I've read (very little) the same process is used IRL to essentially agitate harvest animals into over producing. I also assume that there will be a downside since again IRL the process usually shortens the lifespan of the animal. No worries friend, have fun with the trip/holidays.
  20. ATM no. This is our slack time of year. Most of the staff are busy with work or summer commitments and as for the rest of the player base, they're either vacationing, working or some other things not involving Minecraft. Its pretty normal for attendance to drop during the summer. As for Zan's and Optifine: Our minimap is actually a side affect of a tool the admins use to profile lag in the server. It allows us to see in game the loaded chunks, the number of entities (both tile and NPC), the min/max and average tick times for each and the cumulative effect of them per chunk. While you can't use that portion of the map (nor do you have the need to) I have enabled the map and its various functions for regular users. This map can have waypoints and while they're not displayed all FPS style in game directly you can still see them on the map. Likewise it has an underground view as well which I find to be more balanced then Zan's since it renders based on actual light level rather then globally. Light up a cave and press U I believe to see it in action. Optifine won't be installed by me. You may do so but I cannot assist if you crash while using it. It changes far far too much base MC code for me to accurately track bugs down to their offending mods and until the Optifine team either better follow Forge and MCP modding standards or release a version built for FML it will remain that way. You are free to install it if you wish/need to for performance, I just wont be able to provide support unless you can verify that your issue continues without Optifine installed. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  21. I did.. You hadn't been on line on your account for over a week. So I turned it off.
  22. Accepted, have fun. Any questions or comments can be sent to me via the /mail command in game or through PM here.
  23. Like Jerrk(AKA Maphrea) said, its mostly due to the time of year and the cyclic nature of our member base. We have some players who will be gone for weeks or months at a time and come back and pick up where they left off. Most of us have various IRL commitments that come first. We play when we can. Anyway, you're accepted, have fun. Any questions or comments can be sent to me via in-game /mail commands or as a PM here if you don't happen to catch me online.
  24. As soon as you edit your application, or post another, that is complete, I'll accept you. Age is not a restriction here provided you act (in your case, your age or above) accordingly, and are not easily offended by some of the discussions that can take place in chat. If either of those are an issue for you then its best to look elsewhere, otherwise with a complete application you'll be accepted.
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