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  1. Yeah I was thinking more in terms of overall performance for general use. Not specifically servers. I was planning on getting a SSD for OS and games to cut load times. Then using my existing 2 1TB drives as media storage. Anyway hopefully the server will be up and better than ever soon. Cant wait to continue work on my project.
  2. I always end up falling asleep while installing windows lol. Hopefully all goes well with the transfer. Look forward to continuing work on my RP JIT auto-crafting rig when the move is complete. Edit: Seems at 8PM EST the server is still down. Hopefully no unforseen problems have arrisen and KS is just making sure everything is well.. Side note.. Do you see a noticeable difference between SSD boot drives and standard SATA disk drives?
  3. Nice. I like G.Skills warranty. Its almost as good as Crucial's. Looks like a nice system..
  4. I have no preference either way. Have fun raiding, dish out that dps or heals depending on what you play... (I barely remember my 2 months of WoW so excuse my noobness.) Thanks again for hosting and upgrading the server. Its greatly appreciated.
  5. The crashing on join thing has actually been going on off and on for awhile... Tekkit Lite looks good (too damn excited for Logistics Pipes) but I can see how a map reset would be required since from a cursory look at mods show some things that i know we have in game not present in this pack... Also If we ever switch I highly suggest disabling Mystcraft.. It lagged my computer in single player alone... I can only imagine the server resources needed.. I wont be able to get on untill late tomorrow. I have to go pick up ANOTHER modem to replace the one that replaced my old one 2 days ago. Have an awesome weekend everyone...
  6. I wish my ISP would do that... Instead I'm now paying an extra 5 dollars a month and my connection keeps crapping out..
  7. Speaking of screens, If you want to use any of my build for them let me know, I'll get on and give tours..
  8. Loot balls are from EE tools. Those black pokeball looking things.. If your condenser has a Black Hole band in it and you were working with ee tools near it, prolly got sucked up.
  9. I'm not ep, but I'd guess opening a discussion with him (what tekkit forums calls PM's) or leaving him a mail in game (with the /mail command) would all work..
  10. Sorry for my lack of online time. Steam had an autum sale so I'm a tad busy blowing things/people/whales up in various games... I was also asked to sub in a TF2 HL team so I'm either in practices or pug matches most of the time... I'll be back after I beat a few more games...
  11. Like I've said before. Anything I'[ve built once can be built again. I have no issues with a map reset. If, collectors and the like are banned I appeal to the OP's that condenser are not. There is far too much refuse from a quarry (cobble, dirt) for me to do anything with, aside from incinerating or building an automatic crafting system for stone bricks. Then selling them.
  12. No Worries Ks. Give's me more time to prototype my elevator circuits.
  13. The server is offline for everyone atm. Ks will restart it when he is able to.
  14. Anchors shouldn't be required at all.. Teleport Tethers work just as well.. As for the watch, It should be disabled and spawned in as needed.. Far too many problems can be caused for it to be useful.. Dedicated hosts are OK, but even for a 20 slot server it's looking to be $30-$40 a month... I'd just suggest setting a remote desktop system so the server could be reset remotly.. I think there's a few that could be accessed from Android/Iphones...
  15. Blargh... Hopefully its a minor problem and is restarted soon... Side not, Goodness V00, your avatar is very disturbing...
  16. Starting over is fine with me, I'll lose a crap ton but like everything in mine craft what I've done once I can do again.. And better this time.. Ill also be able to claim some true virgin land this time =)... You have the Tub Seal Of Approval =P
  17. Its all good Ks, we all appreciate the time you're spending keeping the server up and running for us.
  18. SOmething must have happened again.. Hopefully Ks7 see's it on his mobile admin and can restart...
  19. Take your time Ks, I'm sure everyone would rather a working server that took longer to move than a Half Broken one that was rushed.. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.. I have plans to literally move mountains...
  20. I'm unsure but the admin Ks7 said he was moving the server today.. That may be it.
  21. In-game name: TehTub Age: 22 Location: Ohio, USA Minecraft Experience to-date: Vanilla since Beta 1.6ish, Tekkit, very little aside from videos and fiddling with it for a bit. Why do you want to play on the server?: I've played SMP for a long time and its gotten a tad boring. Tekkit literially add's/fixes everything I've complained about Vanilla. From the ability to create extremely compact redstone things to making everything possible automated. I've only never played on other Tekkit servers because most have seriously complex rules or systems for establishing home area's. Which put me off immediately. A side note, I'm a mole by nature. Every build I have created in SMP format has been underground. I don't think I would change that so my maring the surface of the map is unlikely... Thanks for considering me.
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