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  1. The server will be down for an short time. It seems our host has experienced some issues with the datacenter its located at. They say nothing is harmed and I have backups of everything so It will be fine regardless. I'll let you know when we're back up or when I get more info. Its not my fault this time. =P Edit* We're back up. It was fast apparently. Someone probably kicked a wire or something.
  2. When you say frame jumps do you mean relatively smooth FPS and then periodically freezing and then smooth FPS again? If so, next time you test (without Optifine) press F3 and watch the memory info just above the map on the top right hand size. If the freeze's coincide with the "Used Memory" going from something like 90% to like 40% then you'll need to do two things, Increase the memory allocated to minecraft by clicking the gear icon beside the close button on the launcher, 2 GB is what I use but I have 8GB available to me. Increase it to that if you can, but most importantly you'll need to change the render settings in minecraft itself, specifically you'll want to change the Render distance from its default of Far to something like Normal or Small. Likewise you can tweak a few others like Clouds, and such and that will help performance. If both of those do not help, then I would install Optifine. There are multiple versions of it and its a matter of downloading and trying each until you get one that works. Just remember to install them by dropping the .jar files into the mod's folder, not via the old install method of unzipping the .jar and putting it directly in the modpack jar. That way if it doesn't work its simply a matter of deleteing the Optifine jar from the mods folder and trying another. Good luck, remember If you do absolutely have to install Optifine I can't provide support for crashes later on regardless of whether its caused by our pack or Optifine due simply to the amount of things Optifine changes.
  3. Hey guys. The server will be down for about 45 min's while I do some maintenance on our Database. I chose this time (almost 1AM) cause no one's online right now.. Anyway by the time you actually read this we'll probably be back up. But just in case I figured I would leave a note here so people wouldn't freak out. I'll edit this post when we're back up. EDIT* We're back up. Thanks for waiting (if any of you were).
  4. We'll be here, patiently awaiting your return. I hope things work out for you. All is well, don't fret even if you do break the server. There's almost nothing I can't fix and everything that breaks either teaches me a new way of fixing something or something else to avoid in future updates so its sort of a good thing. Anyway server is fine.
  5. Hey everyone, Some stuff has come up and I wont be able to be as active as I would like to be. If anything breaks I'll try to fix it as soon as I can but you'll need to PM me here for me to see it. I'll see y'all as soon as I'm able to.
  6. Well now, you're an oldy from back in our Tekkit Classic days. I actually remember your application, although I do not remember if I was in a position to act on it at the time. Regardless welcome back and have fun. I'd say follow the rules but being from our original and slightly more strict server I can assume you know them. As always questions or comments can be refereed to me via PM or /mail in game.
  7. Sorry that your initial application was lost amongst the various messages about the server. Accepted. Be nice, have fun. Questions or comments can be directed to me via ingame /mail or PM on these forums.
  8. Hey guys, WE'RE BACK! That's right, Support finally got around to dropping our database and everything is back up and running. Couple things: 1. If you see a Chunkloader in the overworld, or anywhere else for that matter, break it and destroy it. They don't work for regular players anymore so no one needs them placed or around, so even if it doesn't belong to you go ahead and break it and get rid of it. 2. If you want a chunkloading block (The only place Chunkloaders will work). Catch me on line or send me a PM and I'll set you up. 3. Chunkloading is 24/7. If I come to your block and I don't see proper designs WITH OFF SWITCHES, you'll lose your chunkloader and be SOL till you redesign. 4. DO NOT LIVE IN YOUR BLOCK, there are various ways to move things about and set things up so you can maintain power and storage there w/o the need to live there. That's about it for now.. I'll be online till about 4AM or so in-case y'all want to get in and start working. Again thanks for your patience, we shouldn't experience this again, but its good to know y'all can take the minor downtime we do experience in stride.
  9. It was neither of you two's fault. Simply some poor sanity checks in Tinkers for edge cases of items being inserted into the smeltery. I appreciate the apologies but they're unnecessary. It happens. Example, a simple typo on my end is whats caused the day of downtime we're experiencing atm. Luckily Support for our host has gotten back to us and after clearing up the defalut responses ("You can delete a database yourself by..." Sure I can, if I want to load 18.9BG of data into the VPS ram and crash the sub domains SQL server, Like I already did once.) They're working on it on they're end. So It shouldn't be too much longer.
  10. Unfortunately we hit them with the ticket just as they closed their support lines. So It most likely won't even be looked at until tomorrow. Technically I could start the server now, but in the long run, we can either go through this now, and prevent it from happening again, or go through the same thing when we decide to update to 1.7 and regen the map. Personally I'd rather solve the problem now, rather then wait until later. Hopefully we'll hear back from them sometime tomorrow afternoon... The Good news out of all this is, once this is resolved, everything else is already in place and everyone gets access to 24/7 chunkloading area's wooo.
  11. This is probably going to take quite a bit longer then expected... I'll give you the rundown of why and what. Basically our logging system (which I was planning to use to remove all current chunkloaders currently placed) uses a MySQL database to store all the changes that are made by you and everyone else. I had though I set up the commands to purge old entries from the database regularly but due to an typo, that hasn't been happening. I only found this out when trying to remove the chunk loaders and finding that there were entries dating to BEFORE this map was generated, which means that my assumed clean install of the logging system wasn't actually clean, and thus had a lot of false data. Luckily I checked this before performing any actual rollback on the Chunkloaders. So for the most part no actual blocks were changed. However that left us with the issue of 18.9GB of database entries that desperately needed to be cleaned up. The issue is MySQL, when dropping tables or deleting entries via PHPMyAdmin (the database management tool provided by our server host) loads the entire table (so 18.9GB) before actually deleting anything. As you can imagine, on a shared system such as our VPS is hosted on, loading 18.9GB of data into RAM is a horribly bad thing to do. And since I have no physical access to the server box or the ability to remote into the root of it myself I have to open a ticket with support so they can do it. Before anyone freaks out, No nothing is lost. Everything is backed up multiple time over and the only thing holding us up atm is support getting back to me about the database issue. I'll post back when I have an ETA or any new info.
  12. Read two posts up. And then the one above it with the huge "NEWS" header above that for the reasons. And yes I realize its been more then an hour, I thought that would be a generous amount of time however our database system has decided to prove me wrong, and as I can only work as fast as it will allow me, it seems it will take a bit longer then previously estimated.
  13. Hey guys, The server will be down for about an hour while I change config files and delete the old Chunkloaders. It will come back periodically but until it becomes unwhitelisted It's not actually back up. I'll make a post once the changes are completed.
  14. I have to say this is one of the funnier crashes. Apparently Tinkers didn't like Spar, and crashed because of it. Though instead of listing the Controller or some block associated with the Smeltery (which was the issue according to the stack trace), it returned a Ticking Entity Exception on Spar him/herself (I apologize in advance if I'm wrong about that). So according to the crash log, Spar crashed the server... I guess you'd have to be more in depth with how MC handles errors to get the funniness of it, but it gave me a chuckle.. Server is fine now tho so all is well.
  15. Server is down for 10 minutes while I move things about to get ready for the changes on Monday. I'll edit this post when we're back up. EDIT* And we're back, faster then I thought It would be. Thank you for your patience.
  16. There are 3 separate bans associated with your username on three separate servers ranging from 07/17/2012 to 01/12/2014. Two of which are corroborated by Logblock evidence. One ban and I would consider it. Two and its iffy, Three is too many. Not to mention your various ban appeals quote multiple reasons for your actions but none that actually matter. You made the same statement of "I don't do this anymore." on the second AND third servers you were banned from. If you hadn't changed then why would I believe you have now? Your application is still denied and will remain so. I encourage you to find another server.
  17. I'm going to have to deny this application. I appreciate your honesty but I don't think 4 months is enough time for you to have changed your ways. Likewise you have ban's on record almost every year for three years (numeric years, I didn't bother to figure out the months), all for the same offense. That doesn't give me confidence that you'll do better here. I wish you luck on finding another server but I don't think this is the place for you.
  18. Just the void age. I don't see a reason to gen a new mining age yet, file size is still small, so people can still run a bit around if they've mined out their local area.
  19. NEWS! Hey guys (and gals), I wanted to give you some info on some upcoming changes I'll be making and the reasoning behind them. First off, Chunkloaders are being restricted and removed for personal use and placement. I've noticed that some people are having trouble keeping track of their chunk count and assuming that chunks are being loaded when they're not, causing some issues. Now this does not mean Chunkloading isn't going to be around. I recently did a week long test, hourly polling the server resources (RAM, CPU, Tile Entities, Chunks and TPS) with the server set up in two configurations, one where Chunkloaders were on at all times, even if the player who placed them was offline, the other in the current configuration of CL's turning off 10 minutes after logout. While there's not really enough room to post the full resulting dataset (and this post would be far more boring with it) I can easily say that there is a drastic difference between the two, but that each configuration has its own pro's and con's. So in a week all placed Chunkloaders (spot and otherwise) will be removed, keep that in mind. That brings us to the second update. I'm constructing a new age. This is where you will build and house machines that need or run better with Chunkloading. Each player will have a plot 3X3 chunks in size, the internal area being your responsibility to construct and level to your needs. It will be encased in Bedrock, so no worries about intruders. It will be a void age of Plains biome so that structure will be the only one present. You will not control or have access to your area's Chunkloader. It will run 24/7 so construct your machines with Off switches for the love of god. This will make tracking down issues a tad easier as there will be one central location where things can go wrong. Yes I realize this is going to cause a stir, and a lot of you are going to have to move or rebuild a lot of things and I sympathize as I will have to do so as well. On the plus side you get 24/7 Chunkloading. The third thing, Yes I have seen all the info spammed when you join and realize we're a little ways behind on updates, including some that add new functionality and bugfixes. I may be issuing one more update for 1.6.4, but not more. A lot of the mods we use are finally updating to 1.7.X and once the rest do and once they're stable enough for my tastes we'll probably be moving over to 1.7.X Fourth, which is just some friendly advice to look at before we even start work on a 1.7.X update. I suggest taking a look at Applied Energestics 2, We'll most definitely be moving to that version once its stable (perferably out of aplha) and we make the shift to 1.7 and ALOT of stuff has changed. A whole lot, so to preempt any confusion and questions I suggest reading up on the changes and new mechanics. That's about it, I'll be editing our MOTD to point back here so everyone who joins has a fast way to see this post and can prepare for the changes. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes that I haven't adequately explained already, feel free to post them or PM me with them and I'll be glad to give you a more detailed reasoning behind the changes.
  20. Another NPE from TE Item Conduits. Since you were the only person logged in for over 30 minutes before the crash happened I can safly assume its confined to the area your player loads and the chunkloaded area's you have. If you can coordinate with me so I can come by, take a look in the area where you were at the time of the most recent crash and any area's you have loaded with Chunkloaders I'd appreciate it. Since it happens randomly and gives no block location in the crash report I'm guessing its some edge case where something wonky is either traveling through an TE Item Conduit into an unloaded chunk or some rareish item isn't being properly handled. Regardless if you can tell me some time you'll be online to show me around I can come take a look and see if anything jumps out at me as a possible culprit.
  21. Apiarist pipes aren't Thermal Expansion. That's Forestry. Also its not that the TE item conduits are bugged, any pipe can cause NPE's (Null Pointer Exceptions) in some situations. Usually when crossing a chunk boundary from a loaded chunk into a non-loaded one. It happens. No biggie. Most times the server can recover by restarting on its own, one of the perks of how much tweaking I've done to our server setup. Only rarely do I have to manually fix things anymore now that I've got the tweaks in place for the server to pretty much take care of itself. Anyway like I've said the fastest way to get a hold of me to fix a problem is via steam (who doesn't have steam?), if you don't have me added just shoot me a PM.
  22. Server should be back up... Looks like an item conduit from Thermal Expansion was throwing some errors around 8PM server time.. Surprised no one posted anything before now...
  23. Application denied. I'll reconsider this if you can contact me via PM and explain where, when and why you were banned.
  24. Well I can't speak for everyone but I'm not taking a break from the server so much as a break from Minecraft completely. I'm still monitoring server resources and the console tho, and am available on steam or PM here should anything need taken care of. Likewise I've noticed for awhile now that server population comes in waves. With the end of school year and summer coming I expect it to be kinda quiet around with people vacationing and such. We'll still be here when they come back tho.
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