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  1. IGN: maguirekrist Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): maguirekrist Do you accept the rules?: Yes. Age:15 Youtube:(Minecraft youtube is full of crap in my opinion and I would never associate me with that crowed of people who make bad content.) Here is my twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bashcake/profile How active you will be: On every day. Why should I pick you?: I have 1.5k followers on twitch is that means anything (It doesn't to me), I love small private community servers and modded minecraft. I am very mature, and I am very active community member. If you care my job is a fr
  2. IGN: maguirekrist AGE: 15 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: Always have been a big fan of whitelisted community servers, every sense i got minecraft i have only put time into small community servers. Giant servers are just not my thing and I enjoy the experience of meeting new people. SKYPE: maguirekrist WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: Big builds, when i settle on your server or on any server. I like people to know my creations and what i can do. SO build!
  3. IGN: maguirekrist Age: 15 Skype: Yes or No: Yes How often do you play?: Every day. Favorite Game: Minecraft or CSGO Favorite Anime: I don't enjoy eastern cultures, cartoons. Other Games you Play: CSGO, Destiny, Leauge of Legends, Borderlands 2, COD Ghost.
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