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  1. Hewo evwebody, how are you all? I know ive been away for an age but wanted to see how you are all doing... sooooooooo whats the crack? What server are we all on at the moment.....more importantly am I still whitelisted??? I havent been on minecraft since 1.5.2 so i'll probs be checking out the new stuff on vanilla minecraft for a little while but it'd be great if anyone can let me know where you all are so i can join in......Laters
  2. Just thought i'd mention that i may not be on the server for a while, i get some major lag off it at the moment and i think its client-side so that could mean me getting a better PC
  3. Ive not been on for a few weeks but im still getting "cannot reach server" for the Big Dig. Have i got the wrong IP address or has the server been moved over to the other computer?
  4. And i got the optifine to work as said above by putting it into the modpack.jar file without deleting the META.INF file there. Now all i need is an up to date sphax texturepack!!!!! anyone??..
  5. I think KS plans to swap the two machines around so that classic can be kept but be running on the lower spec machine he currently has BigDig on. So our hard work shall live on!! :D
  6. I think KS has updated the big dig server to 1.2.2 so make sure the launcher is set to the latest and let it update. It works for me now.
  7. I tried to load on 1.2.1 and it still says i need liquidmetals and applied energistics!! What have i done wrong here?? And also i think that i also could not really go back to classic tekkit now, seems a shame to leave it as it is but this Big Dig seems to epic in contrast.
  8. Had a go on single player with the new 'Big Dig' has 94 mods, one of which involves the entire periodic table...... It looks quite good so i was wondering if you might set up a server with this mod-pack KS.......just a thought...i didnt really get into voltz much but this one looks well worth considering...............discuss
  9. It seems i cannot get on the tekkit server, it keeps disconnecting me saying i failed to verify username?????!!! (EDIT) Ignore the above, i just re-installed java and bingo, i'm in!!!
  10. When i try to load the dynamap all i get is a black screen with the words "Web files are not matched with plugin version: All files need to be same version (1.2-1438)" Is this because the server is down or something???? Just thought i'd let you know anyways!!
  11. Oh, ok. Cheers tub! Hadn't thought of that. Only just got back online the other day, which is my lower powered one so i thought it might have been just me....
  12. Ok, so I had not noticed that the IP address had changed, however, i still get it saying that it cannot connect to the server. I'll admit the computer i am using at the moment is not my better computer and i would not know how to check my firewall for accessing it nor what to write to allow it...... Has there been any editions to the mods over the past five weeks that i would have to add client side????
  13. Hulo there, i have been inactive on your server, KS, for roughly 5 weeks since both my computers broke somehow. I was just wondering if i was still white-listed as i seem to be have trouble reaching the server after painstakingly loading minecraft onto the computer i am now using.... :D
  14. Think ks re-newed the nether and the end a number of weeks ago!! As for the trap, dunno who that coulda been, i'm sure. You'll have to pelt them with eggs and snowballs when you find out who it was.. ;)
  15. *I thought it might have been my pc too however i have experienced occasional lag and repeated kicks for 'end of stream' and 'out of memory'. It might still be my pc but if this is the same as you have ranz (and anyone else) then it may well be an issue. * :D
  16. I did the tree by spawn and i think possibly ks did the one in market as it says from admin and it features in the screenshot on 1st page. (Though i also cheekly added some snowman sentinels to the second tree, don't know if they are still there though) :D
  17. is back online but i think those that were on the server have now been kicked off as the server itself appears to be down again!! Will message Epy again but i likely won't be on for a few days at least!!! Hope the problem gets sorted!!!
  18. How do you PM on here? All i could find was the 'Start a conversation' button when i press on your avatar so i did send a message that way.
  19. If you've been using buildcraft pipes for your quarry Grag, that would be the problem (cos they can be buggy and break). If not it might be the recycler or its destination chest that got too choca and spilled out onto the floor.
  20. Server has gone down! We got kicked with a java exception then ten minutes later i started getting a bit of juddery lag before finally being kicked off again, now with only communication errors and end of streams!
  21. If 'The Watch of Flowing Time' is responsible for the erratic behavior of our sun/moon cycle and general clock timing and thus the cause of certain lagging issues we have been experiencing as of late i personally think a consideration should be made as to whether it should be allowed! Having watched the clock on dynamap and the way my timers don't animate properly I would have thought it could be the culprit. I know it is the custom of this server not to ban items but if it is going to cause problems this should happen. As far as I know its only use is to speed up machines and to slow down mobs and as a component in making gem leggings. We have other items (and admin) that can change the time of day for us and if overclockers are used in machines they should run at a speed that is more than adequate. As for mobs I have no problem with letting them come at me at their natural pace. Also, for anyone wanting to craft gem leggings i'm quite sure that an admin will spawn one in for you if you give them the correct materials. I don't even know if 'TWoFT' is the source of recent lag but i'm sure we would have no complaints if it were taken away. I thought I would just put that out there to see everyone's opinions... :D
  22. Now you come to mention it v00 the last few weeks i have noticed short regular lagging myself. For me it seems to last only a few seconds at a time but can occur every few minutes. I thought that this might have been due to my own settings which is why i had not mentioned it but tbh i don't think i have actually messed with my settings much at all recently to have caused that. Other than that i have been getting about quite well and also commend admins' efforts and success at solving the crashes we had experienced a while ago!! :D