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  1. i no more have any needs for this game you call tekkit i moved on to 7 days to die and civ 5 :3
  2. the people i reported were useing them and some other people too but next time i will try to get screen shots
  3. hey could you add onto that list reps they kill everyone at spawn even people in full quantum
  4. also can you ban reps from spawn there useing them to kill people im not going to say who for now but he killed a guy in full quantum armor using just one rep and thoughs guys i was talking about were using them too
  5. I would like to report badass and purple spawn killing people there full name is BadAssHero and PurpleHawks
  6. BOOO!!! crapy server if you dont have ee and if buildcraft causes lag!!! go make a normal miinecraft server
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