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  1. Username: TheDerf80 Age: 33 Why Tekkitopia? Looking for a server to play on that doesn't have a bunch of kids yelling annoying comments every 10 seconds =) Your secret code: 9The
  2. A truly wonderful community that has just migrated from Classic to Lite.
  3. •In Game Name: TheDerf80 •Location: Pennsylvania, US •Age (18+ Only Please): 32 •Have you read and understood everything in this post?: Yes •Experience with minecraft/tekkit?: I've played on a few servers, have my own up for 3 friends and myself. Looking for a nice community to play along with. •Abit more about yourself as a person: I'm a father of 2, I enjoyed Minecraft upto the day I found Tekkit and haven't gone back to regular Minecraft since. I love learning about new mods and understanding some of the older ones abit more with each passing day. I play along with Nelmsky and Mind
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