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  1. Minecraft name: Blocktd Age: 16 Experience: I have a small history with technic and tekkit, and while I am not the most skilled, I do feel I can handle myself well. Why you want to join: I just recently got into the tekkit scene, and so far I have not found a very ideal server to play on, thought I'd give you guys a chance.
  2. I accept your decision to deny me, but i honestly do not recall ever griefing such a server. I wont argue it, but i have never been one to grief.
  3. IGN: Blocktd AGE: 16 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: Nope, never. I tend to believe I am well-behaved. WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT?: Tekkit is amazing, it's a combination of technic and multiplayer, what could be more fun? WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY?: I am an honest, well-behaved player with a good sense of humor and I tend to be very helpful.
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