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  1. For fear of this devolving into a political debate, I'd like to say that regardless of who sent it up. It is amazing that we put a probe the size of a car on the next planet over, using a rocket parachute and sky crane, carrying all manner of advanced equipment, powered by nuclear radiation. It's like something out of science-fiction!
  2. Off of the politics, I think a road trip is probably the best thing you can do to get a feel for america as a whole simply because of the variety. Go online and get a big stack of tourist destinations from all over the place, then string a good number of them together, and go. Personally I really recommend Albuquerque, New Mexico as one destination. It's the polar opposite of Scotland, as far as the land goes. Instead of constant rain and cool temperatures, you have desert heat and air so dry your sweat evaporates almost instantly (making the heat rather pleasant). Where Scotland has green grass and rolling hills, New Mexico has a neutral palette of reds and tans and has the best sunsets to grace my eyes. Also, they have proper South-Western food to which Taco Bell doesn't hold so much as a smoldering twig.
  3. Amazing, simply amazing. Props to you sir, but now I wonder... What happens if there are multiple "calls" being processed at once?
  4. What did the element say to the policeman? You'll never take me alive Copper!
  5. Oi... that's problematic. ,but on a 4th of July note for us Americans Taking a bottle rocket (one of the big ones), strapping two sparklers to it, and lighting the bunch. It was broad daylight and I saw the green streak fly right into a tree.
  6. In the launcher, under options select either "Always Use Development build" or "Manual Build Select"; if you select manual then in the upper right corner click and scroll up to pick a 7.x.x build I believe if your world has forestry items in it then when you update they will either disappear or turn into whatever now has those data values.
  7. Personally, I throttle the EU's through transformers down to LV, specifically to avoid waste