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  1. i sent you a pm garrett! Let me know the ip and ill get on when i can, should be this weekend
  2. ive been so busy with my wedding plans and whatnot i didnt realize what was happening XD havnt been on in awhile. holy moly ks! welcome back glad to see your alive and kicking! i would love to stay with this community. i have a server too, its not great, it has 2 x5450 quadcores and 16gb of ram with 10k rpm HDDs in raid. not sure if that will be any good for hosting but all i need is a better connection (moving soon so i can fix that ;P) and i can help at least :S let me know! thank you tub for all your hard work and patience with us your a god among men truly. i had no idea minecraft was being bought out by microsoft O.o thats kind of strange to me, didnt expect that. I hope things go well xD hopefully our paths will cross in the mines again i supose i cna message you on steam too lol.
  3. freaking software politics lol. ill make a program with the exact same 1's and 0's without looking at your program, not even knowing that it exists... is it copying you? not really, i compiled it. fking stupid how people fight or dispute over such trivial matters, that with the flicker of an electrical tick, is erased.
  4. +1 for updating. I've been on the server a bit more messing with stuff. Nice uptime tub pretty awesome how well things run when we'll regulated. Only having 1 3 by 3 space loaded per person, and machines that don't run out of control makes a huge difference. My major frowns come from no computer craft I will miss turtles lol. Oh well time to learn something new I'm all for it! Oh and +10000 For thaumcraft! That would be pretty sweet!
  5. been along time guys, good to see tub is still awesome XD i might join the server again. been busy with life and crap XD. not sure if the map has been regened or not, but if it hasnt ill make sure any anchors i had are gone. bad login crap.... is this happening for others? assuming its just mojangs servers being derp
  6. kind of a bummer those tanks are going away, i understand though. i only use them to put sprinklers on 1 of them so the sprinklers autofeed from it. i havnt found any other way to feed the sprinkler from underneath... maybe from above will work as ugly as that would look... good info hopefully server lag and resource consumption will reduce
  7. im assuming the "Failed to login: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code 503 for URL: blah blah blah" is mojangs loginn server being derpy?
  8. horry crap i love morph!!!!! so epic! nice tub! thanks to all the admins/mods for working hard to bring us these updates and an awesome server we all can enjoy :)
  9. its all good we know you guys work hard to keep it going. no outrage here props to all you admins!! seriously you guys need some kind of award
  10. D: i hate lwrc.... it messes with so much sht (at least last time a played on a server with it) and is really annoying to have to configure everything if playing with someone :S could have sworn i read somewhere that you were not going to get it thought that was what a whitelist was for lulz. jkjk anyway good to know things are still going good.
  11. this is the forum for the server XD there may be another website for it as i know before the old server died there was one. dunno if its still there. kinda funny i just went in to join and its down XD.