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  1. Name:bngbng Age:14 What do you wish to accomplish?:to in time make a town so powerful and rich i in terms control the server out of fear and respect. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?yes ive played tekkit for a year or so what is the purpose of a macerator?to make dust/powder Recommendations(if you been invited):none Others things i should know:im awsome
  2. In game name : bngbng and my friends JakesterK98 and atastysandwitch Age:14 all 3 of us Do you have Teamspeak 3:i do the others dont If yes, Will you be active(Not really needed):prob not How long have you been playing Minecraft/Tekkit:2 years Do you know anyone that already plays on here:no If yes, Who: Timezone:pacific central usa
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    1: bngbng and my freinds JakesterK98 and atastysandwitch 2: we need a new server we have been diapointed by ours closing and cant fin one with no items banned except yours 3: maybe if i have the money and i think it deserves it 4: not yet maybe once i log on
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