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  1. Merry Christmas all u Happy Resiliencer's hope u have all had a happy holiday and got what u all wished for and all the best for 2015 I Miss u guys oh and the server xD
  2. can i get the basic terms of what the crash spar caused was (yes she is a she Tub xD) cause there's a good chance that was me while i expanded the smeltry while on her char over the weekend just passed
  3. hey folks soz its took me so long to post but my pc exploded ( not literally but might as well) I couldnt use my fb to sign in here no more either hope all is gd and look forward to seeing my long lost friends online in the future
  4. its certainly interesting though thanks to being able to fly as a mob is allowing me to explore our world map gd work and nice pick on morph tub Also heads up for peeps trying to log in atm servers getting a quick update to fix an issue with gravestones
  5. It appears the Auth servers are down im getting failed to login errors I was just on about 15-20 mins ago even my tekkit launchers telling me to play offline my wonky wifi isn't to blame cause I can load and play steam games
  6. lolz who got lazy spelling my name xD just noticed that after kurt mentioned the rank
  7. sweet dude sounds like an adventure waiting to happen I don't believe I've said this enough but thanks to all the mods and admins that have kept this community together your awesome xD
  8. happy new year from the UK to my fellow resiliencers all the best for 2014 sssssss...Boom
  9. just a heads up to all u happy Resiliencers I am going to be very limited with my time online cause ive just started a new job labouring I'm shattered come the end of my shift and generally sleep and maybe eat xD
  10. I may have crashed the server with that project bench thing again sorry if it was the same error as before let me know and I will remove my project benches for the time being