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  1. I'm not sure moving the station would help. If you're base is visible then can just take the coordinates of the castle and of their base, do the necessary math(I can't remember if distance in the nether is 8 or 10x the overworld). and set up a portal in the nether to lead to your base. I think there are a few pages on this forum about CASUCs.
  2. Apart from a completely hidden base I think the best you could do is use the layered forcefield AND the bc filler. The nether is still a problem but the forcefield can go straight through the buildcraft pump pipes without inhibiting the flow of lava. So if you set up the same multilayer forcefield around your nether pump you should be able to prevent the most obvious ways of entrance.
  3. Would it be possible to make the transformers send power in a loop?
  4. Well if you make a fixed factory(making just one final product) that is semisimple then it can be easier to use a few sorting machines. It's also true that it still isn't very reliable just easier to make for smaller things.
  5. First off i meant 1 input chest with each machine in the factory drawing from a chest infront of it to avoid item rebound. Also a computer design would be a very useful and versatile. However the person who originally asked for help might not know how to properly program it to control the factory. Yes, I know a computer setup is easier and more efficient to those who can program. I was merely trying to suggest a setup for people who want to make a factory without learning to program. Generally i make my entire base controlled by a computer so it's easier to get items. As i already stated thoug
  6. If the sorting machine has wood in two columns and is on sequential then it would take the wood and have each change to a different color, it just would require a few chests throughout the machine
  7. If you remove the transposer you can place several retrievers to pull items through the entire process. If the retriever pulls to a sorting machine mid-route then the sorting machine will redirect it to the necessary location still allowing for a long line of sorting machines. This would remove of the problem of all items getting sent to the closest inventory and would allow for more complex systems to make a long line of products. Adding ender chests that connect to the input would also remove of the need to have tubes return to the input. So yes this system still retrieves items and it could
  8. If you use transposers as valves for filters then you can start running into some rather annoying problems with the timing. After all you have to factor in how long it takes for items to move through tubes. So if a transposer is unpowered for the time it takes for a plank to go through it might not stay unpowered for the time it takes the cobblestone. It would be possible to use the transposers as valves if you set up items detectors to turn on the other retrievers, however that would still add a lot more components then really necessary and would require a large amount of space. Setting up a
  9. Quite frankly i like both armors for a few different reasons. Quantum is pretty awesome looking but gem is missing pants (sorta ruins the look). After that they both pretty much make you impossible to kill. There are a few ways to kill them but not very many and they can take awhile to set up(or be banned). So really you might as well settle with whichever one you think is cooler. EDIT: Also by the time you can start getting enough iridium ore to make Quantum you can pretty easily have the stuff needed to make Gem so cost isn't really the issue
  10. There's actually a pretty easy way to fix this. Have the wood sent to a chest with a sorting machine taking from it. Have wood in the different output columns in anystack sequential and color code them to go to the two crafting tables. Using this method you can also make it send just enough wood to each table for each recipe. Ex: while the sorting machine is getting pulses is sends two planks to red and three planks to blue.
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