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  1. Your Age: 14 What would be your goal on the server: Well, either alone or with others, make a big factory! Why should we white list you: I would love to have a sort of "private" area where I can do what I want without chat smams and stuff like that Your IGN: abouya14
  2. IGN:abouya14 Real Name:Luca Time Zone:Eastern Something about yourself:I love Tekkit What language you speak (I am truly sorry, but if you do not speak English, you could have google translate in another window?):English What do you want to do on this server (Everyone should have a shop): I want to make a really cool factory with other people and sell stuff Do you have a YouTube Channel: abouya14 If so, will you be willing to film?:Anything related to Video Games
  3. age is 13 -Eastern time zone (New England) -Great with regular minecraft/ Okay knowlege of Voltz -I like the idea because I like working in groups -Group up with others -Yes, I understand Minecraft username is abouya14
  4. age is 13 -New England coast Eastern time -Good experience with Minecraft Okay experience with Voltz -I want a small server where I can work together with others -I would want to be in a group -I do under stand the difference Hope I get in! Thanks! Username is: abouya14
  5. In game name: abouya14 Age:12 Location:Conneticut Minecraft experience to date:Playing Minecraft for about a year. Just got Tekkit but played it at friends Why do you want to play on our server?: I love servers without a lot of people because theres a less chance you will be griefed
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