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  1. I too, would like to join M-Tech, so that I can be a part of this server.
  2. Sorry about the signing. However, the rest of what you said is redundant. If you had actually taken the time to read, I was looking for a map that had the very basics, not one that had everything. I also stated that this was designed to stop me giving up at the start. Don't post comments until you're certain they're correct.
  3. Looking for: 3-5 people, GMT, Server up when required, not to be hosted my end due to slow PC and connection, Planning a kind of thing where there will be teams of Teknicans, such as Scientists, Magicians, Redpowerians etc. Something along those lines. Rules would be simple: No hardcore griefing, or major PVP action without speaking to server host first. If possible, some people who have decent experience with Tekkit, won't mind a young squeaker like me, would rather avoid spawning stuff in but won't not always do it. Also, if possible, to run Forestry Sorry if it seems like a long list, but hey, I need a good team. Skype: swordlord357 IGN: swordlord357 Cheerio- sword
  4. Oh no, this looks amazing! It's a shame I can't join! Still, if anyone can give me news about what is going on, or ideas, I would be happy to hear them!
  5. Hello! Sorry if this bothers anyone for making such a stupid post, but I felt like I needed at least some help. What bothers me in Tekkit, is starting off. It's all fine and mighty having all the machines and stuff, I love that. It's just the starting off that bugs me. I've hunted around for a starter map that has a nice house, and some basic machines, a condenser/transmutation tablet and a couple of chests filled supplies. Alas, no luck.. I've tried to make one myself, but I've always ended getting fed up. So here is my request: Would you mind giving me advice on how to get started? And, if you want to, make me a starting map. I know this is a annoying post for a rather pointless reason, but I want to enjoy Tekkit with minimal cheating, and my insufficient patience make it very hard to do that, and thus, stops me from enjoying this excellent mod pack. Cheers, swordlord357