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  1. Hello , i'm looking for someone to play some tekkit with , i have my own small server but its not on 24/7 , i also can't promise it to be lagg free. i started out a bit and was hoping to get a second and maybe a third member. if you have your own server i don't mind joining either. I'm looking for people aged 16+ with mic and skype. My skype is : josephgiovani I hope on finding someone this way , because playing alone is getting boring.
  2. Hello , have never played before on tekkit with hamachi , but i do have it on my pc if you have skype please add : josephgiovani
  3. Hello, I'm looking for someone to play tekkit with , my timezone is GMT+1 i don't have a tekkit server , so i will be joining yours i don't really care about age (but if you do , i'm 19), or gender (i'm male), as long as you are serieus and know about tekkit its all fine skype is a must (and so is english or dutch language) add me on skype : josephgiovani Note : i know basics about tekkit , but not much more , i have been playing tekkit , technic and yogbox for a while , but some things are still hard looking forward to playing with someone