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  1. OK, resurrecting an old thread, but in case it helps: does the vanilla command /gamerule mobgriefing false help?
  2. Class suggestion: Monk (unarmed fighting specialist!)
  3. Recruiting 2-4 players for our private, whitelisted server. The server is hosted and generally quite speedy, and we're looking for a few people to play with who will have fun and keep it speedy at the same time. We use Ventrilo for voice chat and we currently have 4 players, two of whom play less often. We aren't crazy builder types and the server is pretty new, so it's mostly a blank canvas other than a few spread out bases. We use all the standard tekkit goodies (including EE, tho we may restrict EE eventually), and we also use Mo' Creatures. Your playstyle isn't too important, do what you like, just be friendly, respectful toward other people's stuff and mature. Don't be offended by off color language, etc, as we're sailors at times. We play on and off most of the day and generally during eastern time zone hours from late morning til midnight or later. Ability / willingness to use Ventrilo for voice chat is a must (multiplayer is a lot more fun that way!)