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  1. i would like to join the server may i plz an ip adress
  2. hi may i know the ip adress and if possible may i apply for staff
  3. In Game Name: Teamkick(Godsin sometimes) Age: 16 What time do you play: i play atleast 2-3 hrs a day but i sometimes spend all night gaming How much do you play: All day, most days. Any Staff Experience:i was a moderator on a tekkit classic server which got shutdown because owner was graduating and didnt have time to take care of server.me and the owner knew each other in real lifem we even went to the same school Servers you were Staff on: Techno-miners(shutdown) Is the Server still open: No. References: zeldastone104 Do you play on the server: Yes. I play on the server. Why do wish
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